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 A Chinese mail order bride is a woman who attracts men with her energy, kindness, and open-mindedness. She’s beautiful both inside and out, and once you get to know her, you won’t be able to stop thinking about this charming lady. Chinese brides are considered some of the most desired women in the world, especially among Western men. Cultural differences don’t make the relationships with these girls more complicated. Instead, they help you get to know each other better and build a strong connection.

Also, a lot of men dream about Chinese wives, but they’re afraid they won’t meet Chinese brides because the country is too far from the US. However, it’s not a problem nowadays because there are hundreds of various mail order brides sites that help people from all over the world meet Chinese wives online. International dating websites are convenient and affordable. You won’t have to spend a fortune to find a soulmate. Instead, you’ll enjoy high-quality dating sites for a reasonable price.

Now, let’s get to know Chinese brides for marriage better! 

Last Updated: Dec 2023
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How does a typical Chinese woman for marriage look?

Before going to the section related to all the best techniques of attracting a Chinese girl, it’s essential to dig into such an important question as who a typical Chinese mail order bride is. What does she stand for? What can you expect from Сhinese mail order bride?

chinese mail order brides

Most Chinese women you meet (no matter whether it will be online or in a real-life), will be with chestnut or even black hair. It’s not so much about beauty tendencies, but about what it looks like with their general features, hazel eyes, and pale skin. Shortly, it looks really natural and attractive. Some Chinese women like to experiment, though. However, it’s not so common to come across a Chinese bride with blonde hair. Even if she is, keep in mind that probably it cost a lot of effort to lighten her naturally dark hair and take care of it to make it look healthy.

Chinese brides have excellent physical shape

Another feature of Chinese women for marriage, you will probably notice, is their slimness. To be honest, mostly Chinese mail order brides should thank nature and genes for this. From their birth and till the mature age, average Chinese women will be able to boast of a nice shape. At the same time, don’t expect them to be curvaceous. The phrase “slim as a twiglet” describes the great majority of Chinese brides.

Chinese girls for marriage do like sport

Even if Chinese mail order brides prefer no muscles and tiny silhouettes, they do practice sport. Chinese girls for marriage adore yoga, enroll for pilates, can’t live without bicycling, and love to dance. Some Chinese women play team games like volleyball, badminton. The others just walk a lot to stay fit. But the fact is Chinese brides realize the importance of sport in their lives and do not neglect themselves.

Radiant porcelain skin of Chinese mail order brides

In the old times, pale skin was a symbol of beauty and elegance in Chinese culture. Thousands of years after, Chinese brides can boast of having perfectly healthy and fair skin. What is their secret? Chinese brides for marriage take their daily skincare routine seriously. A lot of cosmetic products consist of whitening elements. Besides, they put sunscreen. In China, you will need to do hard work to find any solarium. It’s out of trend here. All the efforts of local Chinese brides are directed at finding the best whitening cosmetics and sunscreen with BB or CC cream to make their skin radiant.

Chinese ladies are diligent

Women from China are renowned and revered, in equal measure, for their diligence and sensibility. Laziness or self-indulgence is, to them, not a generally familiar concept. While at university, for example, Chinese ladies will spend most of their time studying. Matriculating at a brand-name uni, and finishing it with top marks ensures good job prospects in what is a hyper-competitive environment. Besides, it’s a crucial element for self-fulfillment and achieving life goals. However, while this is true, the primary goal of Chinese women is, of course, love and family.

Family as the main value for Chinese girls for marriage

The family bonds are of great significance to any Chinese woman. Chinese mail order brides consider their families as their main priority. You’re not likely to come across a Chinese bride who commits herself first and foremost to her career - balance and family are paramount. Also, divorces seldom happen in Chinese culture. Chinese mail order wives put a lot of effort in preserving nice relationships with the family so that their homes are filled with warmth, and so that marry Chinese woman are buildet to last.

Chinese women are smart and aware of everything around them

One of the first things that surprise so many men from overseas is the intelligence of Chinese ladies in lots of spheres of life. Not only are they experts in the field of their studies, but Chinese girls for marriage are trying to be curious about the world, economy, politics. For this, they study really hard. Usually, Chinese brides are of the same level in everything just like local men, but they need to work harder to get nice job positions and claw their ways up. That’s why during their university studies Chinese women put lots of effort, stay till late learning and spend all free time on uni tasks.

Chinese brides don’t have bad habits

It is quite a common thing to see a Western lady who smokes and drinks no less than a man, but it's not the case for your match. Chinese girls try to live in harmony with their bodies, respect them, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it’s possible to find exceptions, but it’s quite a rare situation.

Thousands of men in the United States dream of dating Asian women, and it's understandable considering how wonderful, beautiful and loyal these girls are. In particular, Americans have a soft spot for Chinese girls for marriage. Indeed, these women posses a unique set of qualities that make them irresistible.

So what kind of men want to find a Chinese mail order brides? According to many surveys, most Chinese girls are attracted by men who are strong, confident, independent, and decisive. These men seek Asian brides that will become housewives. And most Chinese girls are more than okay with that.

Indeed, Chinese dating culture is grounded on the fact that women have a more passive role in a relationship, while men are the head of a family. Therefore, men who seek such Asian mail order brides usually start looking for websites with Chinese girls. In return, these Chinese women know how to be excellent housewives who are kind, skillful, hardworking, loving, and patient. Men adore Asian mail order brides from China because these women know how to do everything and not be a wife who is annoying and demanding.

The best thing for a Chinese bride is to find a man who can provide for the family. Of course, many Chinese women for marriage also take into account the inner qualities of a man. Asian brides dream that their American husband will be responsible and attentive, gentle and affectionate.

Top 5 reasons why Chinese women for marriage prefer Western men


Chinese dating platforms are filled with women aiming to meet Western men. But why do Chinese brides prefer foreign guys to local men? There are many reasons for that, but it mostly comes down to the personalities and mindsets of American guys because they’re much different from the ones of Chinese men. 

Most often, a Chinese bride prefers a Western man because of the following causes:

1.Chinese wives prefer caring men

Chinese brides know their worth, so they’re looking for men who will treat them with respect and surround them with care. They’re ready to share their love as well but they want their partners to appreciate it. And Western men seem to be the men who highly value it when women surround them with love. 

2.Chinese girls for marriage are looking for patient husbands

A Chinese mail order wife is calm and relaxed most of the time, so she wants to be with a man who has a similar mindset. American guys are known for being down-to-earth, and that’s what local Chinese girls find attractive. 

3.Chinese women for marriage adore courageous guys

A Chinese mail order bride wants to be with someone who will hold her hand and help her get through any challenges. She wants to be with a man who will inspire her to take action and overcome her fears. 

4.They adore hard-working husbands

An average Chinese wife is known for being devoted to what she’s doing. She focuses on achieving her goals, and nothing will stop her from reaching her targets. So, Chinese wife dreams about having an equally committed husband by her side. 

5.A Chinese mail order wife prefers honest men

According to any Chinese bride online, honesty is the best policy. She believes that stable and healthy relationships should be based on trust. And since American guys are known for not being afraid to tell hard truths instead of sweet lies, Chinese women for marriage are attracted to them.   

Chinese mail order bride marriage statistics you should know

A Chinese wife grows up watching Western TV shows and listening to her friends’ stories about how happy they’re in relationships with American guys. The number of interracial marriages in the country keeps increasing, which is great news because it means that local single Chinese ladies aren’t afraid of moving abroad and tying the knot with foreigners. These are the numbers that prove this:

  • In 2019, around 1,135 Western men got their chance to meet Chinese ladies because that’s how many local women received their K-1 visas
  • Around 14% of Chinese women are married to American men
  • About 40,000 Chinese wives register marriages with foreigners every year

What are the do’s and don'ts when being together with a Chinese wife?

chinese girls

Naturally, there are some tips that will guide you to meet Chinese brides and attract Chinese women. Chinese mail order brides are reared with rules of etiquette and observe cultural norms with fierce respect. So that you don’t confuse or deter your beautiful Chinese women, read our recommendations and keep them in mind:

  • Try not to bow. Men from abroad need not exhibit their respect in this way anymore. Although, you can demonstrate your affection for your Chinese bride in other ways. For example, presenting a bouquet of nice flowers is a timeless tradition not out of place in any culture.
  • You’d better not cross her personal borders. Only the closest people are allowed to touch beautiful Chinese women. The same is with kisses on your first date. Chinese women are modest by nature, and being too straightforward might offend their sensibilities.
  • We advise you not to point at your Chinese lady interest with your chopsticks when you talk. More than poor manners, in a high context culture such as China's, this is an offend.
  • Refrain from skewering the food with a single chopstick. Food should be grasped as though with tweezers.

All told, behaving with all of the virtue of an old fashioned gentleman is, in fact, the only way to behave, and when eating, only use chopsticks the way they are meant to be used. Lastly, enjoy yourself! Relax and act confident with your future Chinese wife.

How to entice Chinese brides?

If you are preparing for a date with a girl from China, we strongly advise you to read this paragraph. How is it possible to get Chinese bride heart at first sight? Be courteous and interested in her. Ask a lot, talk more, and try to be focused on her personality. The compliments can be appropriate, but do not pay too much attention to how attractive she looks like instead of how interesting Chinese wife is for you.

Organize your date in a coffee place, for example. Hanging out in a bar when you meet the very first time may not be the best idea. And remember to be a nice person. Believe us, respecting your Chinese wife and being well-mannered means more than a dinner in an expensive restaurant.

How to marry a Chinese girl?

To impress a Chinese woman, you should start from gentleman gestures. To open a door for her or to help your future Chinese bride to take off/on the coat will make her happy and grateful.

If you live in China, you are probably studying at a university. You can tell your Chinese mail order bride about your studying success, and it will create a good image of yours. As far as we discussed above, education is an essential thing in the life of any Chinese bride. So, even if you have no Ph.D. you can tell her about your university years. But, do not boast, girls do not like that. You can even meet with your woman in a library, and it will be very romantic for her. It is not a joke - Chinese mail order brides really do love all that university and school-like atmosphere.

If you are already made your Chinese girl fall in love with you, you should wait for the words of her parents. No matter how much money you have, no matter, who you are - without the permission of the parents your Chinese beauty will not be with you. Although, you need not worry about a refusal if you love your Chinese wife and are able to grant her a good life. And,show respect to her mom and dad. You are not obliged to do this, but it will say only positive about you.

We wish you to find your one and only among the millions of others. Dating sites will help you to reduce the list of potential partners and will give you your perfect matches. Then you will choose on your own. Choose dating site carefully and listen to your heart! Sometimes it sees everything better than the eyes and understands everything clearer than brain.

What are some tips on dating Chinese brides?

Even despite the cultural gap, Chinese women are not so hard-to-conquer. You just need to follow some rules. Start with nice gestures with such a woman. Help her when she needs it or open the door of a car. Be a gentleman. It’s such a rare thing in China, so it is likely to impress Chinese girl.

Not only be polite, but show your erudition. As we have mentioned before, Chinese mail order wives appreciate hard-workers. Prove her that you are a smart person with big goals. Also, be humble and do not talk big too much.

The next step is to get the blessing of her family members. You will probably need to hit it off with all Chinese lady close people. Respect them, talk politely and make them like you. Once it’s done, the finish line to her heart will be straight and easy.

And finally, when looking for the right person, don’t forget to do what your heart tells you. For this, choose a reliable and verified dating sites to be sure that your only task is to choose among lots of attractive Chinese brides and not worry about your safety there. When online dating services have an impeccable reputation, be sure to get all the help and services to get the best result and quit the site really soon (with your love, of course).

What are the best ways to meet your Chinese bride?

Chinese women are extremely charming and desired in the world of online dating. Who can resist the urge of meeting Chinese wives online? Actually, not only their pretty appearances but sympathetic characters make Chinese ladies so attractive for thousands of men around the world. But what to do if you are so many miles from one of these hot Chinese brides? Cross the whole world and move to China? Where else to look for Chinese brides? Luckily, the modern world offers modern solutions. Online dating gives all the opportunities to look for Asian brides.

At the same time, you can opt for an offline method and meet your traditional Chinese wife in her country. Both ways have their pros and cons, so you’re the one to decide what you prefer. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular ways of meeting Chinese wives:


Although China is far from the US, many guys decide to travel to the country because they want to explore its culture and get to know local ladies. Yet, this trip demands a lot of time and luck because you will spend long hours on the road. Also, you can’t be 100% you’ll meet your soulmate during your visit. It happens that men meet Chinese women, but they aren’t “the ones” either because they don’t have the desired personality traits or their appearances differ from the one men prefer. 


Using dating sites to meet a Chinese mail order bride is an effective and affordable choice because you can access these platforms from any place, be it your home or the cafe. Online dating services have various filters you can use to make your search more precise. For example, you select the height, weight, hobbies, marital status, or religion of the woman of your dreams and get matched with the ladies who boast the desired qualities. In this way, you save significant time and communicate with girls, one of which has all the chances of becoming your future wife. 

Although this way has one disadvantage, namely, men can encounter scammers, reliable dating sites constantly keep an eye on the new users. So, you can confidently opt for MOB platforms when looking for a Chinese bride.  

How much does it cost to buy a Chinese wife?

Platform’s name

Starting price for the credits

Special offers

❤️ SakuraDate

$19.99 for 50 credits

Get first 20 credits for $2.99

❤️ EasternHoneys

$96 for 16 credits

Only $3.99 for 2 first credits

❤️ OrchidRomance

$96 for 16 credits

Get one month free Premium Membership after buying any credit package

First off, you need to understand that you can’t actually “buy” a Chinese bride online because it’s just a term used to describe the process of paying the dating agency for its services. Mail order brides industry has nothing to do with human trafficking, and it’s not involved in any illegal activities. So, when talking about “buying” a Chinese wife, men usually imply paying for the services they received from the specialized organization.

Dating sites aren’t free because you get what you pay for, and you'd want to be confident in the website you’re using, wouldn’t you? And user-friendly and reliable Chinese dating platforms require constant attention and updates, which means there has to be a team of specialists. Dating site team includes developers, administrators, customer support specialists, designers, and many other people who ensure the site works properly and that any fraudsters don't have access to it.

Yes, there are free online dating platforms, but their credibility is questionable. But reliable dating platforms pay close attention to providing top-notch services, which demands financial investment.

As a rule, there are several factors affecting the final price of a Chinese bride, namely the following:

  • Dating site cost (including using the offered services and sending gifts)
  • A round-trip ticket to China
  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Visa
  • Wedding expenses

How do Western and Eastern cultural differences affect relationships with Chinese brides online?

Navigating a relationship with a Chinese bride online, especially when it involves Western and Eastern cultural differences, can be both enriching and challenging. Here are some key aspects where these cultural differences might affect the relationship:

  1. Communication Styles: Western communication is often direct and straightforward, while Eastern (Chinese) communication tends to be more indirect and nuanced. Misunderstandings can arise if one party interprets the other's communication style through their cultural lens. It's important to be patient and open to learning about these differences.
  2. Family Values: In Chinese culture, family is central and deeply respected. Decisions are often made considering the family's opinion. In contrast, Western culture often emphasizes individualism. This difference can affect relationship dynamics, especially when discussing future plans or family involvement.
  3. Dating Norms: Western dating culture is generally more casual, with an emphasis on individual freedom and less formal commitment in the early stages. In contrast, Chinese dating culture may involve serious intentions from the start. Understanding these expectations is crucial to avoid misinterpretations.
  4. Role Expectations: Traditional gender roles are more pronounced in many Eastern cultures, including China. This might contrast with the more egalitarian views common in Western societies. Discussing and respecting each other's views on gender roles is essential.
  5. Expression of Love and Affection: Western culture often encourages open displays of affection and verbal expressions of love. In contrast, Chinese culture may emphasize more subtle, non-verbal ways of expressing affection. Understanding these differences is key to appreciating each other's expressions of love.
  6. Long-term Commitment and Marriage Views: Views on marriage and long-term commitment can vary significantly. In Chinese culture, marriage is often seen as a union between families, not just individuals, and is approached with a long-term perspective. Western views might be more centered on companionship and individual fulfillment.
  7. Handling of Conflicts: Cultural differences in conflict resolution can be significant. Western culture may encourage direct confrontation and open discussion of issues, while Chinese culture might favor harmony and indirect approaches to conflict resolution.
  8. Expectations Around Independence and Interdependence: Western partners might value independence more, while Chinese wives might lean towards a more interdependent relationship model. Balancing these expectations is crucial for a harmonious relationship.

Do Chinese women like American men?

Yes, they do. Chinese wives adore Western guys because they’re reliable, confident, and goal-oriented. These ladies want to build relationships with men who make them feel safe and cared for, and American guys perfectly fit this role.

Yes, it is. There are many mail order brides sites and online dating agencies that offer both men and women to find their soulmates. So, ladies willingly register on such platforms, create detailed accounts, and communicate with guys who match their preferences. The mail order brides industry has nothing to do with human trafficking, so you can freely use such sites.

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