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Chinese Brides

China is a very diverse place with large variations in culture, language, customs, and economic levels, and women from this country have so much to offer in a myriad of ways.
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How To Find Chinese Wife?

Chinese mail order brides are among the prettiest girls in the world. No one can resist their dark eyes, long straight hair, and gentle smiles. But, the China world is located far from the Western men, who have a big interest in Chinese beauties. So, how to meet Chinese mail order brides? Is there any special information that men should know about Chinese culture? How to marry Chinese girl, finally?

China mail order brides have a lot of secrets. Here we will reveal those secrets for you and answer all the questions mentioned above!

Last Updated: Jan 2020
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How does a traditional Chinese lady look like?

chinese asian mail order bride

Brown eyes and long dark hair

Chinese women like to dye their hair in chestnut color with a hint of dark brown. Young women, although, prefer to darken their natural color even more and color it black. To meet a blonde is an infrequent case. If you meet at least one, we can say that you are a fortunate man. It happens not because Chinese mail order brides do not like blonde hair. It is just challenging to lighten natural black hair to blonde color, and blonde locks look a bit unnatural on Chinese beauties. They get dry and start looking like straw - not attractive at all.


Chinese women are slim from birth. Such a body structure is the main feature of Chinese women, and it is explained by genes. In China, there are a lot more chubby men than women. But, at the same time, fragile and slim Chinese women cannot boast of having rounded hips and a large bust. The phrase “slim as a twig” is ideal for describing their figures.

Love to sports

The body must be fit, but without prominent muscles. Therefore, active cardio, gym classes and team games are not popular among fashionistas. Yoga, Pilates, swimming, walking, badminton, and belly dancing are the most popular activities for Chinese women. Chinese mail order brides walk a lot and ride a bike in everyday life, so their figures remain slim until old age. For those who still want to lose a few extra kilograms, Chinese women give a good piece of advice: you should jump with a rope.

Pale porcelain skin

Tan skin is almost an unacceptable thing in China. You will never see a Chinese girl with dark skin. There are 70% of body care products that contain bleaching ingredients. And, what is really impossible in China is to find solarium. If you are in Beijing and want to get tan, you still can get it (for a high price). But, in small cities and villages, you can forget about it and wait for summer. It is hard to find tanning products, but the sunscreens are literally everywhere there


In modern China, there are three main popular styles of clothes and behavior. The first one is the baby-doll style. It is characterized by big eyes, long eyelashes, white skin with a light pink blush, pout lips, shaggy cuts with colored hair pins, or straight hair, and thick bang. The Chinese mail order brides even know a special “technique” that is called sadziao. This word can be translated into English as “flirting”. Such a technique implies childish behavior, which also includes the ability to speak in a doll-like, tender voice.

And, there are two more styles - casual and formal. The latter can be seen rarely and only on special events. Chinese ladies suppose that formal style makes them look older than they are and do not wear formal clothes too often.


Chinese mail order brides are very purposeful and hardworking. They are responsible and punctual, and also do not know how it is to be lazy. During university life, China mail order brides spend a lot of time to study. Admission to the university and graduation with the highest marks guarantees a good job. It is important for self-realization and success in life. Nevertheless, the main purpose of Chinese girls is love and family.

Family first

Close family ties are very important to any Chinese lady. Chinese mail order brides are very busy in day to day life, but they pay a lot of attention to their children and husbands. To meet a Chinese woman, who devotes all her time to the career is almost impossible. Additionally, divorces are very rare in Asia. Women try to preserve good relationships with family members and between them, so there is always a warm atmosphere in their houses.

Intelligent and educated

Foreigners may get shocked because of the crazy desire of Asian women to study. Well, all the Chinese people are obsessed with education, but women the most. It is connected with the attitude to women in China. Men are likely to get a good job there, in contrast to women, so girls should study harder to be aligned with them. So, you can see young Chinese mail order brides returning back home from a library at 10 PM or later (!). You can see them studying on holidays and weekends. Additionally, a great number of citizens make everyone to get a good education to get a happy and wealthy life in future.

No bad habits

Chinese girls do not drink alcohol at all. There are the exceptions, of course, but we are talking here about respectful girls with dignity and strong moral values. Chinese mail order brides do not accept addiction in all its forms. Although, such an attitude does not touch men. But, even if you experience no scandals with your beautiful Chinese lady, you should not transform yourself into a drunkard.

Why do Chinese girls want to meet Western men?

marry chinese girl

There is a pretty complicated situation with the attitude to women in China. The birth of a boy in a family is considered to be a happier event, than the birth of a girl. Chinese people explain it by the fact that the son will keep the name of the family going, and the girl will go to the other family. The further life preserves the same attitude, and China mail order brides try to meet a foreigner and get a better attitude. Chinese mail order brides are very polite and grateful for gentleman actions and just warm words. Western men tend to express a lot more respect to women than the Chinese guys.

Additionally, there are several simple factors like care, romance, and financial situation. A caring attitude is a precious stone to any woman, not even talking to the Asian ones, who are very caring too. Romance is also a thing that any girl would like to see, but Chinese ladies really struggle for it.

And, the last but not least is money. Chinese mail order brides do not want to get your coins, but they want to see a stable and reliable man. A good job and a stable financial situation are the best signs of an attractive man.

You can marry a Chinese woman if you are able to give her your feelings, time, and respect. Chinese mail order brides will pay you off handsomely.

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How to meet Chinese women?

If you decide to find Chinese girls for marriage and try to get your perfect match among them, you can go to China. But, if you want to find Chinese wife, you should know some information.

Taking into consideration a big population, privacy becomes the Chinese people’s main treasure. In all public places, there is no common room or common areas - only small separate booths. If you come to a restaurant or cafe, you will have no idea who else is here, because the personnel escorts you to a separate booth immediately after you come in. You can have dinner with your friends there or alone.

If you come to a nightclub will be just a few dancing people. All the others are sitting at individual tables with their friends. Chinese mail order brides usually either sit at home or go for a walk only with their men.

The personal space is also carefully protected from the interference by strangers. So, Chinese mail order brides will not understand your intentions, if you decide to talk to one of them on the street. The best way out is a friend of yours, who will introduce you to a free girl. So you have at of this situation is to have a Chinese friend, who will introduce you to one of the girls.

But, there is even a better way to find and marry a Chinese girl. There are online dating platforms that help single Western men to communicate with the Chinese mail order brides. There are a lot of Asian single girls looking for marriage on those platforms! Dating services usually help with:

  1. Translation of messages if needed;
  2. Organisation of dates;
  3. Help with documents for travelling, and so on.

Dating sites help to save nerves, time, and money as well, so if you want to find Chinese wife, you should try an Asian dating site.

find chinese wife

Are there any rules to follow when dating a Chinese girl?

There are several general rules that all the foreigners should know and follow in China. Chinese mail order brides touch rules of etiquette, general behavior, and some special actions. For not to puzzle, offend or push away your beautiful Chinese companion, read them and remember.

    • Do not bow, foreigners do not have to do this anymore. You can show your respect to your bride by the other means. For example, by giving her flowers!
    • Do not stick your chopsticks during a dinner in rice, Chinese people do this only at the funeral.
    • Do not touch Chinese mail order brides in public and do not try to kiss her on the very first date. Chinese women are very shy, and it can push her away.
    • Do not throw chopsticks on the table - it will tell your woman that you have bad manners.
    • Do not poke at your interlocutor with your chopsticks during a conversation - this is an insult.
    • Do not beat something with your chopsticks - only the poor people and bums do this.
    • Do not take food with the opposite ends of chopsticks.
    • Do not eat by puncturing the food with one stick.

To sum up, you should only behave like a gentleman and do with the items only those actions what they are for. Just have a good time and relax. Remember that you are near a beautiful Asian bride!

How to marry a Chinese girl?

To impress a Chinese woman, you should start from gentleman gestures. To open a door for her or to help her to take off/on the coat will make her happy and grateful.

If you live in China, you are probably studying at a university. You can tell her about your studying success, and it will create a good image of yours. As far as we discussed above, education is an essential thing in the life of any Chinese woman. So, even if you have no Ph.D. you can tell her about your university years. But, do not boast, girls do not like that. You can even meet with your woman in a library, and it will be very romantic for her. It is not a joke - Chinese mail order brides really do love all that university and school-like atmosphere.

If you are already made your girl fall in love with you, you should wait for the words of her parents. No matter how much money you have, no matter, who you are - without the permission of the parents your Chinese beauty will not be with you. Although, you need not worry about a refusal if you love your woman and are able to grant her a good life. And, show respect to her mom and dad. You are not obliged to do this, but it will say only positive about you.

We wish you to find your one and only among the millions of others. Dating sites will help you to reduce the list of potential partners and will give you your perfect matches. Then you will choose on your own. Choose carefully and listen to your heart! Sometimes it sees everything better than the eyes and understands everything clearer than brain.

chinese mail order bride

Do Chinese women like black men?

Chinese girls seem to be exotic women to Western men. Only imagine how exotic strong black men look to pale, thin, and fragile ladies! We cannot lie: some girls literally lose the ability to speak when seeing guys with dark skin because it is such a rare case to see them in Asia. However, such difference from men Chinese beauties know and see every day only attracts them more to black guys.

By the way, black men may use this difference to attract the attention of Asian brides: it is easy to start a dialog with a girl who is already interested in a conversation with a man she has never seen before!

How to attract Chinese girls?

Dating a Chinese beauty may be a hard task, but it will not be difficult for you with our tips!

If you meet a woman in a public place, you can invite her for a coffee. Do not invite her for an alcohol drink! It may get her puzzled or even offended. Coffee at the nearest restaurant just for small talk is the best variant. During that conversation you should ask about her more, tell about yourself less: it will show your sincere interest to her personality, not to her body. These ladies are beautiful, but you should not make an accent on their appearance (although compliments to how your girl looks will be appreciated).

Generally, be as polite and careful as you can, and you will make any Chinese beauty to get interested in you.

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