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Indonesian mail order brides

Indonesian Brides

268 mln
Country man to woman rate
10 men/10 women
Unmarried women in 2023
10 mln
Mail-order-brides in 2023

Indonesian women are worthy rivals for European and American ladies. After all, more and more bachelors choose exotic Indonesian beauties over emancipated Western girls. So what's the drawing power ofIndonesian brides?

  • Indonesian ladies have natural beauty. Girls in Indonesia aren’t chasing after false  eyelashes, gel lips, and silicone body parts. In Indonesia, their own trends and canons of beauty give local ladies charm and make their appearance angelic. Brides with sharp facial features aren’t popular in Indonesia.
  • They’re petite and feminine. Therefore, even if a man doesn’t stand out for his rich physical features, he’ll still look like a strong guy next to an Indonesian girl.
  • Indonesians are well-mannered. Although females from Indonesia may be independent and self-sufficient, they’re fully trained in Asian politeness. Even if a lady doesn’t like a man, she blows off him gently without leaving him offended. 
Last Updated: Sep 2023
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Are Indonesian brides really so good? Why?

It's not just beauty that brings Indonesian women to the top at a bridal fair. Combining the proper upbringing and character traits make more Indonesian bridesgreat wives. Let's find out what the advantages of these beauties are!

  • Indonesians are great mothers. They adore kids and know everything about childcare. Usually, an Indonesian womanlives in a large family and often babysits younger brothers, sisters, and nephews from her early childhood.
  • They’re hard workers. Cooking, cleaning, and laundry are common everyday activities for more Indonesian brides. An Indo-wife won’t resent being overwhelmed with a lot of work, seek equal rights, and strive for successful careers. Home, kids, and a white husband are better than a well-paid.
  • Indonesian girls are good ladies. A lady won’t only try to enjoy herself, but the first thing she’ll do is to please her partner.
  • Indonesians are constant in their relationships. They don't change men every month, looking for someone new. Indonesian women are loyal to their sweethearts.
  • They get on well with people. An Indonesian wife won’t make scandals with her mother-in-law or rouse you against your relatives. In Indonesia, a family has a place of honor, so you won’t hear bad words about your social circle. 


4 important things to know about Indonesian mail order brides

Ok, as you’ve probably noticed, single Indonesian women are great as wives for a number of reasons. But that’s not all — we are sure that there are 4 more important things you must know about Indonesian bride before marriage. Let’s take a look at these things.


Indonesia is a Muslim country (more than 87% of Indonesian people are Muslim), but it isn't really a problem. It's not a too conservative country, and it's great — thus, sex before marriage is technically forbidden, but sex SPAs are common here. Some women remain virgins until marriage, but the majority of them don't. Interfaith marriages are forbidden in Islam, but that's not a big problem in Indonesia — your religion doesn't really matter here. You won't have to convert to Islam, so don't worry about it.

Public kisses

But still, it's a Muslim country, so there are some prohibitions and restrictions here. Thus, expressing your emotions and feelings in public is a no-no in Indonesia. Of course, your Indonesian mail order bride will kiss and hug you when you two are alone, but not on the streets. Outside, she might not even hold your hand — that's what the rules are in this country.


Lots of people who want to meet Indonesian singles worry about the language barrier. But, in reality, it’s not as bad as you think. The absolute majority of people here speak Malay, Javanese, and Sundanese languages, which you most likely have no idea about — but, as we've said, it's not as bad. The English language is very common in this country — more than 23 million of Indonesians can speak fluent English, and it makes sense that almost all the mail order brides are fluent speakers, too.

Age gap

Age gap is a big deal in some Western countries. However, it's definitely not a problem in Indonesia. Young Indonesian girls are often looking for older men from the USA, and it's a very common situation in Indonesia when a woman marry an older guy from the first-world country.

Why are Indonesian brides looking for foreigners?

If you want to meet local Indonesian singles, it’s important to understand why do they want to find a foreign husband. There are two main reasons for that, and if you want to know more about them, well, then continue reading!



"Bule" is how the women from Indonesia call white people. The thing is, Indonesian women just love white men — they believe that white guys are much more interesting, handsome, romantic, and smart than Indonesian guys. They adore white men (and lots of them want white children!). That "Bule effect" is the thing that makes it extremely easy for a white man to find a woman in this country. Another reason is that there are not so many foreigners in Indonesia, so when you visit this country, the ladies will think that it’s you who looks exotic!

Economical reasons

Indonesia is certainly not the poorest country in Southeast Asia, but the level of life is still not very high here. Especially when compared to the level of life in the USA or in some other Western countries.

It makes sense that all Asian brides want to live in a better place. Of course, they want their future children to grow up in the first-world country, too — and that’s exactly why some of Indonesian women consider relocation as an option. However, that’s not the main reason for them to find husbands abroad. Love is more important for Indonesian mail order bride than relocation.

Indonesian women & white men marriage: can it be successful?

The answer is - it definitely can be successful. However, you can achieve harmony in relationship only if you make an effort. For example, you listen to your Indonesian woman, you care about her, support her, and if she does the same for you, of course there will be love and complete understanding.

It is impossible to assure you that any relationship with Indonesian woman is perfect, but any of them may become perfect with the time and work on them. Be attentive to your partner, respect her wishes, and keep yourself in a good shape! Indonesian ladies remain young and beautiful for decades, so you better pay attention to how you look and feel.

The two beautiful, charming, and strong people who love each other cannot be unhappy. We believe in you and your ability to work at your life standards and relationship.

There’s a stereotype that interracial marriages can become less strong because of differences in culture and mentality, but it’s not like that. When you meet Indonesian women, you can count on a number of bonuses to make your American-Indonesian marriage work.

  • Learning a new culture. Spouses get a chance to know another culture from the inside and feel respect and love for it. People become tolerant and tactful toward other religions and views.
  • Dream comes true. For many Americans, the desire to marry an exotic girl becomes a reality. You may become bored with your fellow countrywomen, but the big foreign world always attracts you. Life together with Indonesian womenis exciting and full of impressions.
  • Constant development of the relationship. In interracial marriages, couples have to work more on their ties, making them only stronger. Having given up a lot to be with a beloved (including moving to another country), Indonesian girls appreciate family unions more.

Here's what American-Indonesian couples say about their relationship:

Nick and Amisha

We met each other through a dating platform. It wasn't love at first sight. We talked a lot before we met in real life. We've been married for 2 years, and our relationship is still in that romantic stage like before our marriage.”



Nick is always interested in my affairs, takes care of me, and always tries to help me around the house. He always compliments me. Women don't get that from Indonesian men. I feel like a real woman with Nick.


Amisha has an amazing personality. I can be hot-tempered at times, but Amisha knows how to manage my explosive temper. She's very calm and always knows how to put the brakes on the situation and stop the scandal from blowing up. I'm grateful for her flexibility, calmness, and gentleness.

How to attract Indonesian ladies

If you meet a cute Indonesian womananddon't mind starting a romance with her, a few tips might be good for you.

  • Get to know an Indonesian companion. Ask a girl about her family, where she grew up, her religion, preferences, and how she has fun. Don't criticize her answers.
  • Respect her ideas, opinions, and faith.Indonesian brideslike to be treated equally. If you want girls to like you, the best place to start is with respect.
  • Compliment honestly. One good, fair word can improve your image in her eyes. At the same time, a lousy compliment can severely damage your relationship.
  • Show care.More Indonesian bridesintuitively look for those who can protect them. A man doesn’t have to show his physical strength to prove that he can protect his partner. Everyday help with the little things and moral support is also crucial.
  • Praise Indonesian cuisine. Indonesians are proud of their national food. So even if you don't like it, you don't need to say so. For example, you may have a spicy and unusual taste. A lady will be glad to know you’re interested in things related to Indonesia.

How to find Indonesian women

Western bachelors can meet a girl from Indonesia both offline and online. Let's take a closer look at these ways:

Offline places

When you come to Indonesia for a vacation, you can combine business with pleasure and get acquainted with a local girl. You can meet Indonesian womeneverywhere—in bars, nightclubs, stores, on the street, etc. But it’s actually too risky.

Firstly, decent girls may avoid getting acquainted with you and can take you as a tourist willing to have fun. 

Secondly, girls in bars and clubs may not be suitable for the role of loving wives and caring mothers. 

Online dating

Indonesian brides dreaming of white admirers prefer online datingfor a good reason. Dating platforms have a lot of advantages:

  • It's cheaper than going to Indonesia. A subscription to a dating site costs from $30 to 150. It's much cheaper than a ticket to Jakarta.
  • It's safer. Dating sites monitor fake accounts and respond to user complaints about suspicious individuals. So you have a low probability of meeting a scammer on the dating platform.
  • You’ll easily find a suitable companion. Such websites have a huge audience of girls who share your goals and desires, so there’s no problem finding females from Indonesia. 

How to meet Indonesian women online

You only need to take a few steps to get in touch with an Indonesian woman:

  • Choose a website. Look at the rating of dating platforms. Study what features they offer. Reviews by dating experts and feedback from real users will help you.
  • Sign up and fill out a profile. You'll need to specify a valid email, name, age, and password to register. After you confirm your account via email, you can begin to fill out your online datingprofile. Fill out all sections honestly, and don’t forget to upload your real quality photo. 
  • Seek brides. You can browse profiles of recommended ladies or use a detailed search filter to find a girl who matches your requirements perfectly.
  • Start a conversation. Don't wait for girls to text you first. If you like an Indonesian, write a few lines about who you are, what you look for, and why this woman attracts you. Avoid clichéd pickup lines. More Indonesian bridesget a bunch of them every day and don't really want to respond to them.
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