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Top rated sites

If you want to find Indonesian brides, the very first thing you’ll have to do is to find a good Indonesian dating website. A good site has to satisfy several requirements, such as safety, anti-scam policy, and low pricing. Our experts have collected recommended websites with thousands of single Indonesian women — choose any of them and you won’t be disappointed!


Are Indonesian mail order brides really so good? Why?

It’s not a secret that thousands of Western men date and marry single Indonesian women every year. Indonesian brides are one of the most popular mail order brides in the world, along with Ukrainian, Russian, and Latina women. It’s not a surprise, but it’s quite interesting. All in all, there must be something really great about these women since they are so popular. Right?

In short words: yes. The Indonesian mail order brides are very beautiful, shy, family-oriented, and loyal — but of course, that’s not all. Let’s see, why they are so popular among men from the USA and other first-world countries!

indonesian bride

They are beautiful

Like, really. Women are naturally beautiful in Indonesia. Lovely, smooth skin, dark eyes, long dark hair, pretty Asian faces — these women are the definition of the Southeast Asian beauty. Unlike the women from East Asia, who have pale skin and very skinny figures, Women in Indonesia have more tanned skin and stronger legs, which makes them look more fit and sexy than the women from Japan and China.

Another reason why everyone wants to meet Indonesian mail order brides is that they have a fantastic sense of style and sense of makeup. They look great at any possible occasion — even if they don’t have much money to buy new clothes from popular brands.

They are feminine

Another great feature of the hot Indonesian women is their femininity. They are not like their American counterparts — they just don’t care about feminism or about equal gender rights. You are the man, the breadwinner, and the protector. She is the loving wife, the mother, and the housewife. It’s simple as that.

But they are independent

But of course, their femininity doesn’t mean that they are very submissive and passive. That’s not true. All the single Indonesian women are very independent — it's all about how they were raised. For example, they can earn money without any problems. But of course, they are not the kind of women who are sometimes rude and hostile. Indonesian mail order brides keep the balance between being strong and feminine, and that’s exactly what a woman should be in the modern world.

Indonesian mail order brides are family oriented and ready for marriage

One of the most important goals of every Indonesian woman is creating a family. They want to find husbands and to have children, and there's no such thing as "child-free" in this country. Another great thing is that, as they say, serving their husbands is the top priority for them — and you can’t deny that it’s just great. If you want to find a woman, who’ll be your forever loving partner, well, consider it done. In this case, Indonesian ladies are exactly what you need.

Indonesian bride

They are 100% loyal

Again, these women are not like American women. If a bride from Indonesia loves a man and marries him, she becomes 100% loyal for life. They are true and honest, they don't cheat on their men, and they believe that loyalty is one of the pillars of strong relationships and family. So, don’t worry — your hot Indonesian women will never cheat on you.

They are respectful and caring

It’s another thing you should know if you want to meet Indonesian singles: they are 100% respectful. Indonesian society is a traditional society, so the girls have been told that they should respect their husbands and boyfriends unconditionally.

They are great cooks

Even if you aren't a fan of Indonesian cuisine, you still can't ignore the fact that the women from this country are great cooks. Fried fruits, lots of hot and spicy recipes, dozens of amazing fish meals — you will definitely love the way she cooks.

4 important things to know about Indonesian mail order brides

Ok, as you’ve probably noticed, single Indonesian women are great as wives for a number of reasons. But that’s not all — we are sure that there are 4 more important things you must know about these ladies before dating and marriage. Let’s take a look at these things.


Indonesia is a Muslim country (more than 87% of Indonesian people are Muslim), but it isn't really a problem. It's not a too conservative country, and it's great — thus, sex before marriage is technically forbidden, but sex SPAs are common here. Some women remain virgins until marriage, but the majority of them don't. Interfaith marriages are forbidden in Islam, but that's not a big problem in Indonesia — your religion doesn't really matter here. You won't have to convert to Islam, so don't worry about it.

Public kisses

But still, it's a Muslim country, so there are some prohibitions and restrictions here. Thus, expressing your emotions and feelings in public is a no-no in Indonesia. Of course, your woman will kiss and hug you when you two are alone, but not on the streets. Outside, she might not even hold your hand — that's what the rules are in this country.


Lots of people who want to meet Indonesian singles worry about the language barrier. But, in reality, it’s not as bad as you think. The absolute majority of people here speak Malay, Javanese, and Sundanese languages, which you most likely have no idea about — but, as we've said, it's not as bad. The English language is very common in this country — more than 23 million of Indonesians can speak fluent English, and it makes sense that almost all the mail order brides are fluent speakers, too.

Age gap

Age gap is a big deal in some Western countries. However, it's definitely not a problem in Indonesia. Young Indonesian girls are often looking for older men from the USA, and it's a very common situation in Indonesia when a woman dates an older guy from the first-world country.

Why are Indonesian mail order brides looking for foreigners?

If you want to meet local Indonesian singles, it’s important to understand why do they want to find a foreign husband. There are two main reasons for that, and if you want to know more about them, well, then continue reading!

Indonesian lady


"Bule" is how the women from Indonesia call white people. The thing is, these women just love white men — they believe that white guys are much more interesting, handsome, romantic, and smart than Indonesian guys. They adore white men (and lots of them want white children!). That "Bule effect" is the thing that makes it extremely easy for a white man to find a woman in this country. Another reason is that there are not so many foreigners in Indonesia, so when you visit this country, the ladies will think that it’s you who looks exotic!

Economical reasons

Indonesia is certainly not the poorest country in Southeast Asia, but the level of life is still not very high here. Especially when compared to the level of life in the USA or in some other Western countries.

It makes sense that all Asian ladies want to live in a better place. Of course, they want their future children to grow up in the first-world country, too — and that’s exactly why some of them consider relocation as an option. However, that’s not the main reason for them to find husbands abroad. Love is more important for them than relocation.

Indonesian women & white men dating: can it be successful?

The answer is - it definitely can be successful. However, you can achieve harmony in relationship only if you make an effort. For example, you listen to your beauty, you care about her, support her, and if she does the same for you, of course there will be love and complete understanding.

It is impossible to assure you that any relationship with Indonesian woman is perfect, but any of them may become perfect with the time and work on them. Be attentive to your partner, respect her wishes, and keep yourself in a good shape! Indonesian ladies remain young and beautiful for decades, so you better pay attention to how you look and feel.

The two beautiful, charming, and strong people who love each other cannot be unhappy. We believe in you and your ability to work at your life standards and relationship.

How to find and to attract Indonesian ladies: online and offline tips

Do you want to meet local Indonesian singles? Then read these 7 simple tips that will help you to build a successful relationship with Indonesian mail order brides. Both online and offline tips are included!

  1. Find a safe Indonesian dating website. The website must be secure, and the Indonesian mail order brides must be real. We’ve already collected such websites here, so you can skip this step and just pick any of them.
  2. Be persistent. A strange feature of Indonesian mail order brides is that they act unapproachable sometimes. It doesn't mean that they don't want to talk or to meet with you, of course. It's just their culture — so sometimes, you'll have to be persistent. Persistence is actually one of the main ingredients of success when you date a girl from Indonesia.
  3. Present her gifts.By the way, it's both an offline and an online tip. You can buy her small gifts both when you're on the very first stage of the relationship (when it's only online) and when you finally meet her in person. The majority of dating websites offer the option of buying and delivering gifts, from small ones to expensive ones. However, we don't recommend to spend much money when you're still on the online stage of your relationship. There will be time to buy expensive things later.
  4. Pay attention to how you look. Yeah, Indonesian brides will evaluate you according to how you look. It doesn’t mean that you must look like Brad Pitt in his 30s — looking like a well-maintained and a well-dressed man is usually enough.
  5. Give compliments. Nothing to add here. Women from all around the world love compliments, and the ladies from Indonesia love them just like the ladies in your country.
  6. Don’t eat street food. Just don’t. If you have a bright idea to save some bucks by eating something from a street stall, well, you may end up sitting on the toilet for a while. Not the best way to spend your vacation in Indonesia.
  7. Be the leader. Indonesian culture and traditions are all about leading men. You'll have to be a leader, and it's you who decides where will you go tomorrow. You will have to get used to it because that's how the relationship works in Indonesia.
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