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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Thai Bride?

Cost Analysis of Getting Thai Brides

Thousands of men are looking for a stunning Thai bride, but most of them don’t know exactly how much Thai women cost. Check out this blog post to find out what sum you can spend on dating a Thai bride!
calendar April 21, 2020

The Real Cost Of Marrying A Thai Bride

Many men are dreaming to get beautiful Asian brides as they are among the most attractive ladies worldwide. Among them are Thai women too. Thai mail order brides have traits that are highly desired by men. Also, you may have heard that marrying Thai brides requires spending money in addition to efforts and time. Still, marrying Thai women for sale is much cheaper than Western women, for example. Here are the things you may spend money on when buy a bride from Thailand.

Top 5 dating sites to meet Thai beauties

Dating site

Number of girls online

Prices from

Special bonus offers




20 bonus credits after signing up




The price for credits start only at $2.99 for 20 credits




Get your first 2 credits for only $3.99




20 bonus credits for new users

Communication expenses

One of the most common ways to get in touch with a Thai mail order bride is registering on an online dating website. Let’s take a look at how dating websites work.

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If you decide to sign up on a Thai dating website, you should note that this option usually does not require payment. But if you are want to take full advantage of online dating, you should buy a subscription. The prices are different and may depend on different factors. For example, the monthly subscription may vary between $25-30. It is not a tremendous sum for the benefits you will get.

If you want to use all the services that dating websites provide, you should spend extra money by paying for credits - a special currency. For example, you've chosen a site that provides users with such service as organizing a real date. Your subscription will not cover such a service. In this case, you will have to buy and spend credits. Usually, organizing a real date costs around 625 credits. It is approximately $130.

Thai mail order wives are like flowers who need to be watered by attention and gifts. Every detail in the communication costs some amount of credits. Thai bride online will need to talk to you to get to know you better and trust you. Let’s dive into Thai bride price by using communication expenses:

  1. Live chat: 2 credits per minute with only one member.
  2. Chat photos: 10 credits to send a photo.
  3. Chat videos: 50 credits; enable a video in the live chat.
  4. Sending letters: 10 credits for the initial letter, 30 credits for each succeeding letter to one particular member.
  5. Opening letters: read the first letter for free; 10 credits will be charged to you for opening the next letters from one particular member.
  6. Make a request for a real meeting: 625 credits; (request only, you will shoulder meet-up expenses).

Thai brides adore gifts. Use your lavish mind and check the gift catalog for the price of each present; the delivery fee is 100 credits. You can choose anything, beginning from flowers up to the latest iPhone.

Dating expenses: How to pleasantly surprise a Thai girl?

A lot of ladies love traditional courting like a date in a good restaurant, gifts, and bouquets of flowers. And, of course, such courtship requires money.

At the very beginning of your romantic evening, you can impress your Thai mail order bride with a classy bouquet of 21 roses. She will appreciate such a gift. In Thailand, the prices on gifts and a lot of services are very reasonable. Hence, you will spend approximately $40 for such a present.



If you dream of getting married to a Thai girl, you should visit her country and get to know her family. Hence, the first thing you must think about is the budget for such a trip. The prices for one ticket may vary. If you fly from Los Angeles to Bangkok, you are going to pay approximately $500-600. A two-way ticket will cost you $1,000-1,300.


The Thai bride price doesn’t end here. You need to live somewhere with your Thailand girl. Of course, prices vary in different seasons, and your accommodation depends on the level of luxury you expect. But here, we will share some insights into the accommodation. An average house on Airbnb costs $50–60 per night. Ergo, you might need approximately $700 to stay there for 2 weeks.

The hotels here will be a better choice since they are cheaper. For example, the Seven Luck hotel will charge only $200 for 2 weeks.

Yummy stuff—meals

The average cost of a basic Thai meal will cost you $6–10. Also, the portions here are quite small, so you might need an extra portion.

You can ask your Thailand mail order bride on a date in a luxury restaurant. It will be better if you pick the restaurant with a rooftop terrace. In this case, you can look at the stars and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. What budget should you have for such a dinner? It will cost you approximately $100.


The prices for taxis are always changing. The average price for a ride is $5–7. A lot of tourists choose ferries or trains as means of transportation. These trips will cost not more than $15.

Presents and other romantic stuff

If you want to spoil Thailand mail order brides, you can buy anything, beginning from naughty underwear up to a new iPad. At the very beginning of your romantic evening, you can impress your Thai mail order bride with a classy bouquet of 21 roses. She will appreciate such a gift. In Thailand, the prices on gifts and a lot of services are very reasonable. Hence, you will spend approximately $40 on such a present.

Also, Thai mail order brides love jewelry. A golden necklace in Thailand will cost you $50–80. Oh, and silk. Thai silk is so tender that you will transfer your mind to paradise. Thai silk ranges from $7 to $80.

Thailand bride price: wedding expenses

After a few months of a successful relationship with Thai woman, you can start talking about marriage. The organization of such an event requires money and a lot, really a lot of effort if you want a lavish wedding. You may spend approximately $4,500 to $6,000 on an average wedding, but if you want a great celebration of the start of your life together with the Thai wife, you may spend more.

The wedding costs include:

  • Wedding dress for a Thai bride and groom’s outfit
  • Celebration dinner
  • The photographer and videographer
  • Decoration

Deciding on how your wedding should look like is up to you. Switch on your creativity and fantasy, and make your wedding the best of the best!

Relocation expenses

Relocating is a serious step for the newlyweds (or future Mr. and Mrs.) The very first step, in this case, is obtaining a visa. It is a fast and simple way to become a permanent resident of the USA. The first requirement states that you should be a US citizen to apply for a K-1 visa. The K-1 visa process typically takes 6-9 months. Hence, the prices for visas and collecting all the needed documents for the embassy may vary between $500-5000. This price depends on whether you are hiring a lawyer to help you to get things done or doing everything on your own.

An immigration lawyer can cost approximately $300 per hour. If you can afford one, it is better to use his service. However, a lot of people prefer to do all the document stuff on their own. Moreover, a lot of information about this is now available on the Internet. 

Now let’s talk about K-1 visa fees. This will help you understand what you’re going to pay the money for:

  1. K-1 visa petition—$535
  2. US state department processing—$265
  3. Translation service fees—$30-40
  4. Medical examination—$200-500
  5. Adjustment of status form—$1,140
  6. Biometrics for Form I-485—$85

What is not less essential is that you must earn enough money to support your Thai bride in the United States. For that, you need to fill in a special form and indicate your money status. 

Now, the very important point lies in your accommodation. You need to make sure you and your beautiful Thailand bride have a permanent place to live. For example, an average condo in LA costs between $1,000-1,500 per month. If you’re willing to relocate to a more luxurious area, a month’s rent will vary from $1,500-3,000. As always, it all depends on the thickness of your wallet. 

Now you can understand that the relocation expenses do cost a lot, but after you start a new life journey with a gorgeous, devoting, and caring Thai wife, you will regret not doing it earlier. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, the Thai bride price list is quite large. The main points you need to keep in mind if you want to meet Thai brides and start the future with them: 

  • Use dating websites and give your future Thai wife an impression of a generous and independent man by sending gifts and good words.
  • If you’re ready to crank it up a notch, make sure you pay for the flight to your country and provide visa expenses.

If you really want to get a Thai wife, the prices shouldn’t scare you. In return, you will get an honest, loyal, and attractive life partner who will always support you no matter what.