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Vietnamese mail order brides

Vietnamese Brides

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9 men/10 women
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Mail-order-brides in 2023

Find Out Where, Why, And How To Marry A Vietnamese Brides

Vietnamese mail order brides are great. Asian beauty, loyalty, traditional values — they are truly a dream for every Western man who wants to find an Asian wife. There are literally hundreds of websites with Vietnam ladies, but don't worry — you don't have to spend hours to find the best Vietnamese bride. Our experts have chosen trustworthy and safe sites with real profiles and with the highest reply rates. Check them out, read the reviews and find your ideal Vietnamese wife!

Last Updated: Sep 2023
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Why choose Vietnamese ladies for marriage?

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries in the world when it comes to mail order brides. Men from such countries as the USA and the UK marry thousands of Vietnamese brides every year — and it’s not a surprise. The thing is, Vietnamese girls are good at everything — they are ideal girlfriends, wives, and mothers. Vietnamese brides are shy and submissive, they are very hot and intelligent, they cook perfect food, and Vietnamese women for marriage always support their husbands no matter what.

This is not just talking. If you want to know the truth about the Vietnamese brides, we have some good news for you. Our experts have collected all the information about Vietnamese brides here. Do you want to know why they are so popular? Are you interested in how to buy a wife from Vietnam? Do you want to know how to attract a cute Vietnamese mail order bride? Well, then continue reading!

There are dozens of reasons why Vietnam brides are worth your attention. We won’t list all of them here, because it would take hours to read such a list. Instead, we have chosen 9 most important reasons why you should choose Vietnamese wife — and we are sure that these reasons will 100% impress you!


Reason 1: Vietnamese mail order brides are beautiful

Chinese, Korean, and Thai women spend fortunes on plastic surgery. Vietnamese girls don't. Why?

Well, it’s quite obvious: because the absolute majority of Vietnamese women are beautiful by nature. The reason is simple: Vietnamese girls have a lot of Asian (Chinese mostly) and European (French mostly) blood. Imagine a great mix of French and Asian genes — and yeah, it looks exactly as it sounds. Or even better.

What do hot Vietnamese brides look like? Well, they are really attractive — they have very expressive dark eyes, thick, healthy, and dark hair, very feminine faces, white pale skin, and of course very, very beautiful smiles. Vietnamese mail order wives are just unforgettable women, that's true.

And don't forget about the amazing bodies of all those beautiful Vietnam ladies. Women who live in Asian countries do often have a small waist and very skinny legs, but Vietnam ladies are something different. They have slim waists and fit legs — and such combination is extremely hot. You just can't but call Vietnamese women sexy!

And the last important reason why Vietnamese mail order brides are so beautiful is their sense of style. All those beautiful Vietnamese women know what to wear to look stylish, they know how to use makeup properly, and they look great in every possible situation. When you see it, you’ll love it.

Reason 2: Vietnamese wives are 100% loyal

Yes, your future Vietnamese wife will be really beautiful. But the good news is that it doesn't mean that you'll have to be jealous of her! Vietnam wives are known for their 100% loyalty. It's all about their culture and religion — Vietnamese brides believe that a wife must always be loyal to her husband. If she loves you, she will not even look at other guys, that's a fact. It's one of the most important advantages of Vietnamese women — with a Vietnam wife, you won't have to worry about cheating.

Reason 3: Vietnam women are family-oriented

Another reason why Vietnam women for marriage are so perfect is their family values. These ladies are raised to be good wives and mothers, and it's all about their culture — in Vietnam, family is the top priority for everyone. The Vietnamese wives are sure that family is forever, and that's another thing that makes them good wives. Vietnam has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world, and Vietnam mail order brides don't even consider divorce as an option (there are 16 divorces per 1,000 marriages among the Vietnamese Americans, while the average number is 19/1000 in the USA).

In short words, Vietnam girls put family first, and that's not just words. Your Vietnamese wife will love you unconditionally, and your family will become hers. Vietnamese women for marriage love their in-laws just the way they love their own parents. It may be a surprise for you, but that's the thing that creates the atmosphere of a very strong family.

Reason 4: Vietnamese mail order brides live healthy lives

If you take a look at a beautiful Vietnamese mail order bride, you’ll see that she looks skinny and healthy. What’s the reason for that?

Of course, gym and diets are very important, but it’s not about them only. Actually, it's about a healthy lifestyle. In the USA, more than 13% of women smoke, while only 5% of Vietnamese women use tobacco. Drinking is not very popular in Vietnam, either. You've probably heard that Asian brides look much younger than the age, right? Well, healthy lifestyles are the main reason why they look so young.

Reason 5: Vietnam wives are shy, feminine, and humble

Are you tired of too strong and independent American women? Do you want to find a bride who will never compete with you for dominance? Are you looking for a woman, who'll want to please you instead of having a career? Well, if there is at least one "yes", Vietnamese wife is exactly what you're looking for. These ladies are very submissive, and they are 100% feminine. Local women are not feminists, and they don't have any problems with traditional gender roles.

And when we say that Asian brides are humble, we mean it. Again, it's all about the Vietnamese culture and traditions — Vietnamese women believe that pleasing their husbands is the top priority for them, and they don't even try to act like modern business ladies. They are 100% respectful, they are never angry, and they always do what their husbands want. Sounds like a perfect wife, doesn't it?

Oh, and here's another important fact: Vietnamese girls are very caring. Thousands of American men can prove this — these ladies do always take care of their husbands. American women will definitely suffer in comparison with mail order Vietnamese brides in this regard.


Reason 6: they are hard-working and intelligent

But of course, the fact that Vietnamese mail order brides are shy and feminine doesn’t mean that they are sitting and waiting for a rich foreign guy who'll make them queens.

No, that’s not how it works. Vietnamese brides can be really independent and hard-working! Vietnamese women are taught to work hard here, and they can earn money if it's needed. When you choose Vietnamese bride, you should know that they are also very smart. Of course, the level of education isn’t very high here, especially when compared to the USA or Western Europe. But it doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent! Vietnamese women for marriage read books, they love art, they are aware of current events, they are well-mannered, and they definitely know how to talk about things. Forget about that "dumb Asian women" stereotype, because it is 100% false when we're talking about Vietnamese brides.

Reason 7: Vietnamese ladies for marriage are not materialistic at all

We know that many American men think that mail order brides are gold diggers. That's not true — the absolute majority of Vietnamese mail order brides are looking for love, not for a rich man who'll pay for everything she wants. Vietnam brides are known for their non-materialistic views — these women are usually very frugal, they don't spend more than they make, and Vietnamese women just never waste money. They know how hard is to earn money, so they avoid overspending. Vietnam ladies are looking for real love and respect, not for a rich guy — so no one can actually call them gold-diggers.

Reason 8: They know how to cook!

Of course, cooking isn't extremely important, and it's not the #1 reason you should consider when choosing a Vietnamese bride. But still, it's great when your woman knows how to cook delicious and healthy meals, right?

Reason 9: Vietnamese singles adore Western men!

Some men think that it’s quite strange and even suspicious that all those beautiful Vietnamese ladies want to find a husband abroad. But there’s really nothing strange about this — Vietnam girls just love Western men.

The thing is, emotional and even sexual violence is quite common in Vietnam. Vietnam men think that a wife must provide sex to the husband at his will, which is inappropriate. What's more, lots of Vietnamese females accept domestic violence — especially when it comes to the old generation of women. It makes sense that young Vietnamese women are aware of all these problems, and it makes sense that they don't want to live such a life. They think that Western men are like the knights in shining armor, the princes of their dreams — and in general, that's quite true.

How to find a Vietnamese girl for marriage? How to attract her?

Finding a Vietnamese mail order bride can be difficult. That’s why we’ve written down these 4 simple steps that you can take to find the best Vietnamese girl for marriage online. Follow them and you will not be disappointed!


Find a good international dating website

This is the very first thing you’ll have to do to marry a Vietnamese woman. Choosing the right website is a time-consuming process, but you won’t have to do it by yourself. We have already collected the safest websites with real Vietnamese women for marriage here. All these sites are protected with the latest technologies, and all of them verify the profiles to save you from being scammed.

Create an account and talk to Vietnamese mail order brides

Add several professional photos and selfies. If you’re fit enough, show it off. Then, choose the most beautiful Vietnamese mail order bride and to talk to her. Don’t limit yourself to one woman — thousands of them are waiting for you right now, so you don’t have to talk to one Vietnamese lady only. Choose 5-10 ladies, talk, video chat with them, and choose the women you like best.

Be respectful to Vietnamese bride and to her family

As we’ve said, family is the top priority for all women in Vietnam. That’s why you’ll have to show that you respect not only her but also her family. That’s how you’ll earn some additional points.

No sex talks, please!

If you want to marry a Vietnamese woman, you should be respectful. It means no sex talks at the first stage of your relationship — remember that Vietnamese brides are very traditional. Sex won’t be a problem when you’ll meet her, but not when you’re at the very beginning.

What do Vietnamese girls like?

Vietnamese wives seem to be mysterious and completely different from the women who live around us (if you do not live in Vietnam, of course). Well, we can say only one thing: remember that Vietnamese bride adores gifts, compliments, and flowers. There are exceptions, of course, but we consider the traditional mail order brides from Vietnam, so the exceptions will not be discussed.

What else do Vietnamese lady likes in addition to presents and bouquets?

Vietnamese wives like when men respect their wishes. They appreciate men who are interested in learning their personality. They adore good food and drinks and like to try new things. They love people who know how to be serious and funny when it is needed (though, it is a true art and science). Vietnamese wives online are shy and like active and initiative guys, who are ready to share their thoughts, feelings, and wellness.

They like to feel like queens, and only men can make them feel it. Are you the one who can do it?


Vietnamese brides marriage: dos and don’ts

So, you’ve finally found a great Vietnamese girl for marriage. Our congratulations — your love story begins here. But there are still some things you should know to not screw up. All in all, you want to marry a Vietnamese woman, not to disappoint her, right? Then just follow the steps below.

  1. Pay for Vietnamese woman and for her taxi. It's not so expensive, but it's a must-do. Men are expected to pay on the first date, so don't disappoint your woman. It doesn't mean that you'll pay for every date, of course. It’s just the way you can show that you are a real man in Vietnam.
  2. Tell her about yourself. It’s simple as that: don’t try to hide anything. We highly recommend telling your Vietnamese woman about your life and relationship goals, as well as about your hobbies and interests. These subjects are nice to talk about on a first date, and that’s how she’ll know you better. But try to keep a balance between being interesting and boring — just don’t forget to ask her questions and to listen to what she says. Show that you are interested, too!
  3. Don't talk about the Vietnam war. We understand that it’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Vietnam”, but you really shouldn’t talk about the war. It's definitely not a good subject to talk about.
  4. Don't compare Vietnamese bride with American woman. Just don’t. No woman would like to be compared with another woman, and the women from Vietnam are not an exception.
  5. Buy her a gift. But don't buy yellow flowers. Every Vietnamese lady loves flowers. Ask her about her favorite flowers and buy a bouquet of them. But don’t buy yellow roses or chrysanthemum — Vietnamese are superstitious, and yellow flowers are considered to be a relationship curse. So, choose any other color. And remember, no expensive gifts on the first date!
  6. Don't show Vietnam girl that you are rich. You don't buy Vietnamese wife, that's important — you just try to attract her and to make her fall in love. She'll become your woman if she finds you interesting and charming, not if she finds that you are a rich guy. It’s not about money, it’s about your personality — and we are sure you'll succeed if you follow these steps!

Prices of hot Vietnamese brides on dating websites

The world has evolved to the point that you can meet your future wife online. And Vietnamese women are not an exception.

The great news is that now you don't necessarily need to fly to Vietnam to get acquainted with a Vietnamese woman for marriage. As long as you use dating sites, you are welcome to choose the right wife from Vietnam, communicate with her, and then start a marriage journey with her. But it is essential to figure out what dating sites are good for you and what dating sites are just a waste of money. Thankfully, we've got you top-4 reputable dating sites you can count on.

Dating site

Prices from

Special bonus offers



20 bonus credits after signing up



The price start only at $2.99 for 20 credits for the first payment



Get your first 2 credits for only $3.99



1 month of Premium membership for free with the purchase of credits

As you can see, the cost is quite reasonable. However, it's not the end. Let's see how much dating will cost you. It depends on the website you choose, but to meet Vietnamese women, you need to be prepared to spend some money. Now we are going to jump right into the details.

Online dating expenses

There are the features available without the credits, for instance, creating a profile, reading inbox messages, or watching streams.

However, the juicy communication features are available only to paying members:

  • Live chats—2 credits per minute
  • Sending photos in chats—10 credits
  • Opening videos in chats—50 credits
  • Sending mails to a particular member will cost you 10 credits at first, and then the price will move to 30 credits
  • Opening photos in mails—10 credits per photo
  • Opening videos in mails—50 credits per video

The juicy part is not over. On mail order brides websites, you can surprise a Vietnamese woman with a gift—online or offline. It's up to your budget. On average, foreign men spend about $50-500 per month. Real Vietnamese wives adore teddy bears, chocolates, or clothes. By the way, you won't have to send all this stuff on your own, you just tell the dating site representatives what you want to send to your girlfriend, and they'll do it for you. Yeah, a Vietnamese woman for marriage will make you happy, and your money is totally worth it.

Offline dating expenses

Let's imagine you're willing to buy Vietnamese wife. You must take into consideration all the future costs for your goddess. These are:

Round trip ticket

Vietnamese women for marriage will want to meet you in life and make sure you can take good financial care of them too. The biggest expense in the Vietnam girl price is your personal meeting. It may cost you about $1,500-$4,000, depending on what flight tickets you choose.


If you want to stay in the hotel for two weeks, it might cost you $500-$600. has a wide variety of paradise-like hotels for your comfort. HANZ Hotel & Resort Bo Xay Dung Vung Tau or Mega View Home stay propose a peaceful atmosphere and comfortable rooms, including breakfast. But more lavish hotels like Chau Long Sapa 2 Hotel or Whale Island Resort might cost $700-$800. It depends on the season, of course.

Airbnb proposes penthouses and houses for $70-$200 per day. When you meet Vietnamese brides online, you must keep in your mind that they want to feel comfortable. So the better place you choose, the better for you.


Well, it's all personal. If you prefer to go to budget cafés, meals per month will cost you $200-$500. If you visit expensive restaurants with your chosen one, you can safely multiply this figure by 2.


Depending on the means of transportation you use, it might take you $50-$300 per 2 weeks. If you want to use public transport (which is a bad idea because your future Vietnamese wife is not going to appreciate that), then you might as well pay less money. Still, it makes you look far more respectable and successful if you rent a car or take a taxi.

If you want to buy a wife from Vietnam and you are American, you need to take care of a K-1 visa. Your Vietnamese girl will need to apply for a visa to legally marry you. Visa costs $2,000. Plus, if you both desire to have a wedding ceremony, this might take $10,000-$20,000.

Prepare yourself to spend some cash because these ladies deserve the very best. But the greatest part about buying a wife from Vietnam is that you won't regret it for a second.

  • Q Are there differences between Western and Vietnamese cultures? arrow

    Yes, there are unusual differences between these cultures. For example, when it comes to greetings, Vietnamese stay cold even with their friends and relatives. Americans, on the contrary, are quite open and friendly. It's also interesting that in America, only one generation with their kids lives under one roof most of the time, while in Vietnam, three or four generations share one place.

  • Q Is there any language barrier between Vietnamese brides and foreigners? arrow

    No, there won’t be a problem. Vietnamese girls are educated, and they can understand and communicate in English. 

  • Q Do Vietnamese brides like American men? arrow

    Yes, of course. Vietnamese girls generally like foreigners, especially Americans, who pursue family life with a beloved wife. Vietnamese girls prefer independent and caring Americans and want to marry foreign men. 

  • Q Is it hard to relocate a Vietnamese wife to the USA? arrow

    No, it isn’t. For that, you need to provide her K-1 visa and tickets to the USA. It all might cost $3,000. 

  • Q Is it expensive to find a Vietnamese woman for marriage? arrow

    It all depends on the dating site you choose and the period during which you look for a Vietnamese bride. Overall, an average American pays between $100-$300 per month. It doesn’t include offline gifts.

If you could not choose... Select what suits you best!