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How To Marry A Chinese Woman In The USA

How To Marry A Chinese Woman In The USA?

Want to marry a Chinese woman and don’t know how to bring your lady to the U.S.? The Green Card will allow your Chinese woman to relocate for an extended period while enjoying the rights and respecting the duties of Americans.

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The Easiest Way to Get a U.S. Green Card for a Chinese woman

Сhinese girls for marriage are super popular nowadays. Hence, if you decided to marry a Chinese woman, you must know the legal ways to bring her to the U.S. Getting the Green Card is one of such ways which offers the possibility of residing permanently in the U.S. and traveling on American territory without being obliged to have any visa or possible travel authorization.

How can a Chinese woman become a U.S citizen?

The Green Card is the thing than allows to legally live in the United States and then be able to claim American citizenship. So, how can your Chinese woman get the Green Card? To apply for a Green Card based on marriage with an American citizen, it must first be established that the marriage is not simulated (not concluded just for immigration purposes) and that both parties are free to agree to marry. If the marriage is legitimate, the first step is usually to file the I-130 Petition for Foreign Relations form, along with supporting documents. Form I-130A, Additional Information on Spouse and Beneficiary, must also be completed for petitions based on marital relationships.

The wedding

The easiest way to get the Green Card is to get married to your Chinese woman. Most people who manage to obtain a Green Card settle permanently in the United States. Of course, this procedure is still extremely popular, and some candidates for the American dream do not hesitate to abuse it by circumventing the law and sometimes entering into a marriage for remuneration. This is the reason why these procedures for applying for Green Card following a marriage are particularly controlled and why the immigration services are extremely suspicious and strict on this subject.

However, if you found great love in China and wanted to marry a Chinese woman in order to live with her, know that it is up to the Chinese woman to make the request and not to you. Once this request has been accepted, the Chinese woman will first obtain a temporary Green Card, which will be valid for a maximum of two years.

You and the Chinese woman go through an interview with an immigration officer who will be in charge of assessing the legitimacy of the marriage. After the two-year "trial period," the immigration service sends the couple a form to fill out to check if the couple is still married. If this is the case, the final Green Card is granted to the Chinese woman. The validity of this green card is 10 years.

It should be noted that the procedures relating to the application for a permanent resident card must be carried out by the American citizen. The procedure to be followed is not the same, depending on whether the woman is already on American territory or abroad.

How does it work if your Chinese woman is legally living in the USA?

After the marriage ceremony and the receipt of the Marriage Certificate, your Chinese woman must complete a petition (Form I-130) stating that since you are now married, she wants to adjust her status as a permanent resident so that you can stay together without worrying about the expiration date of the visa.

With this petition, the woman must send:

  • Form asking for permanent residence registration in the country (I-485);
  • Biometric information forms (G-325A);
  • Result of medical examinations (registered by immigration service) in an envelope sealed by the doctor or assistant nurse (I-693);
  • Income tax information;
  • Form proving that the husband will be financially responsible for her if necessary (I-864);
  • Copy of the form with the country registration number (I-94);
  • Copy of the passport and two passport photos (bride’s and husband's).

How does it work if your Chinese woman is still abroad?

Chinese women who are going to marry an American but are not in the USA can apply for a wedding visa (K-1), then come to the USA and get married. All the following steps will be the same.

After immigration service receives the documentation, they will send a receipt (I-797) confirming that they have received the documents together with a tracking number. Through this number, you can check the evolution of your case on a daily basis through the immigration service’s website or by phone. After a few weeks, a trip to immigration service will be scheduled for your fingerprints to be registered, and after this registration, you will be called for an interview.

The interview at the United States

The couple can be interviewed separately or together, and they will ask you everyday things, very personal, such as what color is your husband's toothbrush, what is the name of your spouse's dog, or what school did he study. All of this is to make sure that the marriage is legitimate. Remember: you can choose to be accompanied by an interpreter, as well as a lawyer.

And why so much bureaucracy? Well, there are many cases of foreigners who come to the country in order to stay here at any cost. Some people pay to marry an American just to get the Green Card and then ask for a divorce. Based on this, the American government, over time, has become quite strict about marriages between its citizens and foreigners.

The interview at the Embassy of the United States of America in China

The embassy will communicate the date of the meeting in China for the final evaluation interview. The interview can last half a day. Presence is only compulsory for the Chinese woman (the non-American nationality). The applicant (the American citizen) does not have to appear for the interview.

Again, during the interview, you must be prepared to answer many details and extensive personal questions. As we mentioned above, you can expect even the question about the color of the carpet in the man’s living room.

How long is the wait time?

Although the answer may be a bit annoying for applicants, it is better to know the truth, and that the process to acquire residence based on marriage can vary; although it is not possible to say exactly how much the time is but an approximate approval can be varying between a year to a half of a year.

Final words

If you decided to marry a Chinese woman, obtaining a Green Card based on marriage is the best option. But you should put all your efforts into proving to the officer that your marriage is based on love.