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How Much Does A Japanese Mail Order Bride Cost?

How Much Does A Japanese Mail Order Bride Cost?

If you’re going to marry a Japanese mail order bride, you need to know the cost so you can be prepared for the process. Read on to learn about all the steps and process that can cost you money when marrying a bride.
calendar May 12, 2020

Cost of A Japanese Mail Order Wife: How Much Do You Need?

People have different sources of joy and satisfaction but for most men, marrying a beautiful woman tops that list. And while there are many beautiful women on the planet, Japanese brides are clearly the best choice for most people. Men desire them for various reasons, ranging from their remarkable beauty to their unique view of the world.

However, one question runs through every man’s mind, and that question is how much it will cost to marry Japanese mail order brides. The costs depend on several factors, including the dating service you sign up to and the way you want to court your woman.

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Top 3 dating sites to meet Japanese brides

There are a great number of international dating sites to meet Asians, but you’ll probably find it more exciting to give a try on the top sites. If you still think well-promoted platforms are pricey, you’ll be surprised at how loyal the prices are:




20 credits—$2.99

50 credits—$19.99

125 credits—$44.99

250 credits—$69.99

750 credits—$149.99

20 credits—$2.99

50 credits—$19.99

125 credits—$44.99

250 credits—$69.99

2 credits—$3.99

16 credits—$96

100 credits—$399

Buying credits is considered more profitable than getting a monthly subscription that includes a bundle of services. Such a package may consist of some services you won't use, or there may be a limit for some features. When you purchase credits, you can decide how many of them you’ll spend on your picked features. Then, once you run out of virtual currency, you can top up your account and use all the dating platform's benefits again.

An active Western man usually spends about 1,000 credits per month seeking a Japanese wife. Your search may take a few months, so calculate mail order bride pricingon dating platforms within 6 months on average.

What features do the best dating sites offer?

Buying credits gives you more chances to attract and hold Japanese mail order bridesas you may get special paid features that aren’t available to free members. Here you’ll find what type of features dating platforms offer and their prices.

  1. Sending an email to a particular lady—10 credits for the first letter, and 30 credits for each next one
  2. Opening an email—the first mail is free, each following mail costs 10 credits
  3. Browsing private pictures in the lady’s profile—10 credits per photo
  4. Looking through videos in profiles of Japanese mail order brides—50 credits per video
  5. Live chat with a particular woman— 2 credits per minute
  6. Sending a sticker in a live chat—5 credits
  7. Sending a photo in a chat—10 credits
  8. Sending photos in mails—free 
  9. Watching streams of Japanese ladies is free of charge
  10.  Group chat in steams is also free
  11. Requesting a real date—625 credits
  12.  Sending real gifts—the price may vary from 1,499 to 10,999 credits,  the delivery fee is 100 credits
  13.  Requesting personal contact details is free if you’ve already spent 3,000 credits on chatting with this woman

Preparing a budget for a Japanese bride

While determining the cost of a Japanese bride, you should consider how much you’ll spend at every step of the journey. Here’s the path form finding a Japanese bride to marrying her.

Find out how much the dating site costs

Dating sites are your best option to meet single Japanese brides. These sites have different charging systems: some charge you a wholesome fee that covers your membership and use of features on the website like communicating with the ladies. Others give you free access to the site and require you to pay for using some features.

You can choose any website, although the best ones offer you free membership and charge you for access to features. Online dating sites are great because they let you look through the services and profiles of the other members for no charge; you only have to pay when you’re ready to talk to brides. Sites that require a membership fee also have their merits – once you pay for the membership, you get access to all the services on the platform. Additionally, they often offer free trials for the new users so that you can try services free of charge before spending money.

It’s difficult to tell how much you’ll pay on the site until you actually sign up. Some sites offer credits for as low as $1.99 and as high as $399 and even more (it depends on the number of credits you buy, too.) The number of credits you need depends on how often you plan to use the features.

You can expect to spend between $9.99 and $35.99 for a premium membership. Some sites may charge more.

Will you need a translator?

Most Japanese brides speak English, but some don’t. If you’re courting a bride who doesn't speak English fluently, you’ll have to hire a translator. Translation services may also have different prices depending on the time the specialists spend translating, and you may find yourself paying $5-30 per hour. You should look for the best value – a translator that’s skilled at their job, but also reasonably priced.

Plan your trips wisely

Suppose your online chatting with Japanese womenhas brought significant results, and you're ready to take a romantic tour to Japan to meet your sweetheart. In that case, you should plan your expenses carefully. As a rule, Western suitors stay with Japanese brides,not for acouple of days but at least for a week to have enough time to enjoy each other. Let's look at what includes in the mail order brides costat this stage.

  • Plane tickets. You don't need to open a visa when coming to Japan if you're a U.S. citizen. The U.S. passport holders can stay in Japan for up to 90 days without a visa, as long as their passports are valid for at least 6 months. The average round-trip ticket from Los Angeles to Tokyo costs around $1,400. On top of that, you need another $250—400 to cover transport expenses if your future Japanese wifedoesn't live in Tokyo and you still need to get to another city. 
  • Accommodation. In Japan, hotels may range from $65 to $250 per night, while most vacation rentals will cost $140 to $520 per night for the entire home. So it's up to you to choose your temporary living conditions. 
  • Food. A meal at most mid-budget cafes costs between $10 and $25, while there's no upper price limit for high-class restaurants. If you're eager to surprise your partner or look like a generous man, you may take her to a luxurious place and pay $500-700 for dinner.
  • Entertainment. To diversify your leisure in Japan, you need $200—350 a day for two. Regular Japanese entertainment could include movies, exhibitions, theater performances, karaoke, and game centers.

Sort out your travel documents

Besides a visa, you’ll also need a passport. However, sorting out your travel documents is only one thing you should be ready for. You also have to help your Japanese bride to move to your country: you’d have to make provisions for all the travel expenses listed above. A Visa for the US can cost up to $1,000, excluding other immigration costs.

So how much does it cost in total?

It’s tough to give an exact figure, due to the variables associated with getting a Japanese bride. However, if you’re going for the full, premium experience, you should be prepared to spend between $15,000 and $30,000. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to cut costs, you can still expect a bill of $3,000 to $5,000.

When buying Japanese mail order brides, calculating the exact price can be quite difficult, but knowing the approximate mail order brides cost is realistic. It includes covering the expenses of online dating services and the money spent visiting your girlfriend. Below you’ll find a table of prices for Japanese mail order wives:

Online dating

Offline expenses

$220 per 1,000 credits a month

Plane tickets—a round-trip ticket $1,400

Transportation in Japan—$250-400

Accommodation—an average price is $100 ($700 per week)

Food—$150 for two (3 meals per day)—$1,050

Entertainment—$1,400 per a week for two


$1,320 per 6 months


$4,950 per one tour

Are Japanese mail order brides worth it?

We all have our methods of measuring value, and what’s good for one person isn’t necessarily good for the other. However, when it comes to marrying beautiful Asian brides, there’s a consensus. If you still believe the price for Japanese mail order brides is too high, no need to worry as your investment will soon pay off. Japanese women make good wives and can give their husbands real love, support, and comfort at home. So it's time to clarify why the Japanese are the best asset.

Japanese ladies are graceful and feminine

They don't have that repulsive artificial beauty inherent in many European and Western ladies who chase perfect looks and reshape themselves completely. Instead, Japanese brides are pretty and refined from nature. They know how to keep fit, take care of their skin and look adorable. Thus, the Japanese look much younger than the emancipated Western women. 

Japanese girls are good housewives

No one forbids Japanese women to have a career, but most still view taking care of their families and homes as their vocation. In Japan, men work a lot and don't help their wives around the house. However, it doesn't upset a Japanese woman. On the contrary, she readily takes over all the household chores, allowing her husband to earn money to support the family. Women in Japan are also not used to shifting their responsibilities to housekeepers. Therefore, if you value home comfort, you should pay close attention to a Japanese lady. 

Japanese women respect their partners

Respect is as important as love in a relationship. Japanese brides are brought up in a patriarchal society, so they're taught to respect and listen to their husbands. Moreover, by getting married to a Japanese female, you can be sure she'll be faithful to you, as fidelity is one of the ways to show respect to your soul mate in Japanese culture.

You may notice a stark contrast between Western and Japanese mail order wives. So you don't have to be greedy and worry about going broke for a few thousand bucks because a Japanese spouse will bring you more happiness than the money spent.