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How Much Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

How Much Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

Korean women are considered the most beautiful women in the world. That is why many men are dreaming of getting married to such ladies. But you have to know that there is a certain budget you must spend when dating Korean women.

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What Is The Budget For Dating Korean Mail Order Brides?

Korean women are known worldwide for being very attractive and feminine. Hence, many men who are interested in an Asian woman choose one of the pretty Korean ladies, who has impressed them with their balanced and friendly nature. But you should notice that there is a certain budget that must be spent if you wish to date Korean brides.

Communication expenses

When you decided to find your Korean dream lady, the first thing that may come into your mind is online dating. Nowadays, it is a common way to find a reliable and honest woman easily. How online dating works? At the very beginning, you must sign up on the dating platform you have chosen. The registration process does not require a fee. But if you are a man who wants to find a Korean woman as soon as possible, it is better to purchase a subscription. The prices for the subscriptions may be different and depends on which dating site you prefer. But generally, it is not pricey, and you will spend $250-300 per year.

Also, most dating websites have their inner currency - credits. You must buy them separately. By spending credits, you can use such exclusive services as organizing a real date, real gifts, and presents, etc. If you want to set up a date with your Korean woman, you must spend 650 credits. It is approximately $130. Very affordable price, isn’t it?

Dating expenses

All Korean women are appreciated when men take care of them and interest in them. Hence, it is a great idea to take out your Korean lady to a restaurant.

Meet her near the restaurant and present a bouquet of roses. You can pick up 21 roses, and it will cost approximately $40.

After such a gift, you can come to a restaurant and spend an evening in a romantic atmosphere. You can allow your Korean woman to pick up a restaurant on her own. In this way, you will show her that her needs are important to you. The budget for such a dinner is approximate $100.

Trip to the Korean woman’s country

If you feel you are ready to go into the next step in your relationships, it is a great idea to visit your Korean lady’s home country. The first thing you should take care of is airline tickets. The cost of the flight varies from $500 to $600.

Also, if you plan to stay in the hotel, expect $40-45 per night. Besides, you may spend additional costs on the presents for a Korean woman’s family. The prices here depends on how much you are to pay.

Wedding expenses

Once you feel that you are ready to get married to your Korean lady, it is time to organize a wedding. Of course, this celebration requires money and what is a more important time. The average price for the wedding may vary between $4.500 to $6.000, but if you are ready to spend, for example, $8.000, you will get an unforgettable and luxurious wedding celebration.

Relocation expenses

After the wedding celebration, you must bring your Korean woman to your home country. It would be best if you took care of the visa for the Korean mail order bride. The budget for a visa covering interpretation of documents for the embassy, lawyer’s services, and airplane tickets. Hence, it will cost you from $1000 to $6000.

If you would prepare earlier, you can find even cheaper tickets. Don’t forget to buy her some treats at duty-free as it will calm her at that a little bit stressful moment.

From that moment, be ready to provide your charming Korean lady with financial support. You will help her with initiation in a new country and even assist with job search if your lady is willing to work. But don’t worry - she will totally appreciate your care and will provide you with sweet love and home care.

Final Thoughts

If you are a man that more than willing to get married to a Korean woman, then a modest price of $20.000 covering communication expenses, gifts, restaurants, visa, airplane tickets, and the wedding is a bargain.