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How Much Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

How Much Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

Korean girls are among the most charming women in the world! A lot of men are dreaming of getting married to a Korean beauty. In this blog post, we will share with you some info about how much money you can spend to get yourself a Korean girlfriend or a wife.

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How Much Are Korean Mail Order Brides?

Korean women are known worldwide as beautiful, lovely, and feminine ladies. Hence, many men who are interested in dating an Asian woman often choose pretty Korean ladies, who attract men with their friendly nature and sophisticated sense of style. But, before starting to dream about dating a Korean you should understand that you will have to spend some money on dating Korean brides, and in this blog post, we will share with you the information about how much you can actually spend to get a Korean girlfriend or a wife.

Communication expenses

We highly recommend you to start your search for a perfect Korean match on online dating sites. It is the simplest and the quickest way to find an honest woman. How does online dating work and why do you need to spend money on it?

To start your search for a perfect match, you should sign up on any dating platform you have found reliable. The registration process does not require spending money - if you see the site that asks the new members to pay, please, leave it, you don't have to buy a pig in a poke. When does the money-spending thing start? It starts with communication, which is a paid feature on the vast majority of dating sites. The prices for the subscriptions may be different and depend on a dating site. Generally, a subscription will not cost you a fortune - you will spend approximately $250-350 per year.

Also, a lot of dating websites use another system - credit one. Credits are tokens that you should buy to pay for the services with them. In case the site you've chosen uses this system, you will pay only for the features you use, nothing more and nothing less. Among the exclusive services you can buy on dating sites there are organizing a real date, sending real gifts, and presents, calls, using video chat, etc.

Dating expenses

Korean women appreciate romantic gifts and gestures, so if you are a romantic person (or ready to take a few steps to charm a lady), you have great chances to win the heart of a Korean beauty. However, it will require you to spend some dollars. For example, you can get your potential bride a lavish bouquet of roses, send her a premium perfume, or even buy her a ticket to your country, asking her for a real date in a good restaurant. The cost of such courting may be different depending on what kind of services you pick. 

Trip to Korea

If you feel you are ready to go into the next step in your relationships, it is a great idea to visit your Korean lady. The first thing you should think about when planning a trip is, of course, plane tickets. The cost of a ticket varies from $800 to $1300 depending on the departure city.

Also, if you plan to stay in the hotel, expect $40-45 per night and higher. You should understand that you may spend money on gifts not only for your lady but her family as well.

Wedding expenses

Once you feel that you are ready to propose your Korean lady, it is time to organize a wedding. Of course, this celebration requires money and time. The average price for the wedding may vary from $5000 to $15000, but you still can spend more if you want to get an unforgettable and luxurious wedding celebration.

Relocation expenses

After the wedding celebration, you may want to ask your Korean wife to move to your country. The first step to take to start the whole process - and it is a long process - is getting a visa. The budget for a visa covering the translation of documents for the embassy, lawyer’s services, and airplane tickets is approximately $1000-6000.

From that moment, you should provide your Korean lady with financial support. You should help her to start a new life in a new country, which may be difficult for a gentle lady, even taking into consideration the willpower of Korean girls. You can even assist your wife in a job search if she needs it to adapt or if she just got used to being involved in a particular activity. to work. She will be grateful for that.

Final thoughts

If you want to marry a Korean woman, you may spend approximately $20.000. This sum will cover communication expenses, gifts, restaurants, visa, airplane tickets, and the wedding. We want to highlight that the figures we give here are not precise - everything depends on the services you use and the budget you have. You always can discuss each step of your relationship with your potential wife and decide on taking any decisions together, which may make it simpler to get married - and in some cases cheaper as well.