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How To Date A Korean Woman?

Essential Tips for Dating Korean Brides

A Korean woman is a treasure. She is charming, has a perfect taste in almost everything, and is strong, yet feminine. Falling for such a woman is easy, yet it may be hard to start communication with her. Check out this article to find out how to date Korean girls!
calendar April 28, 2020

How To Date A Korean Woman?

Do you have a weakness for Korean women? Do you find them attractive? Do you want to get true Asian brides? Then this blog post will come in handy! Here we have the best tips on how to date a Korean woman and start a happy relationship with Korean girls. Check them out!

What are Korean women like?

Korean mail order bride is mostly petite, gorgeous, and look very natural. Korean women online have been popular among foreign men for years. The main reason for that was their tender-hot looks and innocent smile.

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But what if I told you that looks are not the only sexy thing about them. Relationships with a Korean girlfriend are based on mutual respect and understanding. So, who are they, and what makes them stand out from other girls around the world? Let’s dive in:

  1. You will be smitten by their open-mindedness and curiosity. Korean girls have one amazingly-hot quality that will blow your mind. She desires to learn. You will forget about the annoying yawns, which so many girls produce while you’re speaking. It is all because Korean ladies want to know more about you and the things you find important. More to that, a Korean girl can mesmerize you with her knowledge of so many serious things. So, it’s not all about make-up and nice clothes. It’s deeper than you might think.
  2. Genuine respect and support make her irresistible. When meeting Korean women, you need to highlight the most essential thing – she won’t fool around or wrap you around her finger as so many women do. Instead, Korean girls understand your desires in life and try to support them. If they don’t understand some of your ideas, these ladies are not going to keep their mouths shut. These women will share their opinion, but in a calm and decent manner. 

How can you impress Korean women?

Korean women adore romantic gestures! They like men who can initiate communication, meetings, and shower them with gifts. Dating Korean girls is always excitable, which men usually like because their emotional reaction to the little presents is unforgettable.

But how actually you can make your lady feel appreciated? 

Suit up for dates

For all Korean women, the first date is a special day! Your lady will look dazzling, just like she always does, so you should better take care of your outlook. If you really want to impress the Korean girl, you don't have to get yourself a suit, you can just go for good classic jeans and a sweater or shirt. A good suit also fits perfectly, but please avoid wearing a tie for a date - it fits perfectly for a business meeting, but for a romantic evening it may be too official. However, we highly recommend you to wear some accessories like your favorite watch and choose the best perfume you have. Korean women adore stylish men, so do your best to prepare for a date!

Choose the most romantic place for a date

If you want to impress your Korean lady, invite her to a good restaurant, and be generous. A lot of women feel shy on the first date, and they tend to order a cup of tea or coffee. If you want to help your Korean girlfriend to relax, offer her to choose something else in addition to the drink from the menu. She will appreciate your care.

Present her something nice

We do not recommend you to get Korean girls expensive gifts like smartphones or jewelry, but if you really love your girl, please, feel free to do whatever you want. We can only offer you to get your woman a lavish bouquet for the first date or add something cute to it, like a toy or sweets. This will work for you, as well as for your budget, just great. Pay attention to how she reacts to your gifts - if she takes the gifts for granted, this woman may not be in love with you, but may be in love with the money you potentially have.

Show your interest in her life

Ask more, listen more, talk less - these are the rules you should follow when dating a Korean girl. This should be her time and you should show that you like not only her beautiful face but also her personality. Show her that you are interested in the way she lives, talks, moves, and so on. There will be no relationship between two persons if you don't pay attention to the personality of your love partner.

And, please, be honest with your lady - if you do not want a long-term relationship, don't waste her time and nerves pretending to be a gentleman with serious intentions and sincere interest toward her. 

Why date a Korean woman

Korean dating culture is evolving tremendously. Actually, it has a couple of qualities every foreigner finds unusual and engaging.

  1. Fast daters. After a couple of dates with a Korean girl, you become her official boyfriend. They don’t waste their time thinking whether you should move to another level or not. These dates already allowed her to make a decision.
  2. Private. Korean girls won’t show off their relationships to the public. They might hold your hand, show a heart emoji, or hug you. But a Korean girlfriend will never dare to French-kiss you in front of people because Korean culture is very serious about public displays of attention.
  3. Matching outfits. This one is quite funny, but Korean girls adore looking the same as their boyfriends. If you want to make a Korean girlfriend very happy, buy two sets of similar clothes and wear them with her in public.
  4. Family-oriented. Families are essential in Korean culture. Korean women online look for a boyfriend who will become their husband. In childhood, they were taught to be selfless, attentive, and loyal, which makes them ideal wives.
  5. Communication. When you meet a Korean girl online, make sure you always keep the communication going. These angels want to feel needed. Engaging them in lovely conversations lets them like you even more.
  6. Korean women like to keep things in order. Korean people usually live in small houses or apartments, and they know for sure how to keep things in order and how to organize every single detail. Moreover, they do not like people to create a mess in their houses, so if you usually neglect cleaning up your flat, you may be surprised by how angry your tender lovely wife can be at you! Well, we suppose it is all for good - keeping the home tidy wouldn't hurt anyone.
  7. Korean women are jealous, but this is strangely cute. It is easy to build a strong and happy relationship with a Korean girl - if you are an honest man. Heaven forbid you from flirting with other ladies, looking with interest at the attractive Korean singles, or communicating with the other girls. If you have any female friends, you should explain the relationships with them to your girl, and assure her that you were friends with them long before your happy encounter with her, so you are not interested in those girls at all. You may have to repeat it several times, but, honestly, this is not a big deal for a man who truly loves his charming Korean bride that looks so cute when she gets jealous.

Final thoughts

Korean women are among the most popular brides in the world for a reason. For multiple reasons. They are lovely, family-oriented, and caring. If you are planning to date a Korean woman, you should take the courting and dating seriously! Be polite and attentive when communicating with a Korean girl, respect her desires and view on life, try to look stylish on dates, and compliment your lady, and you will definitely charm her!