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Sri Lankan Brides

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sri Lanka? Ceylon tea? Or beautiful landscapes? Ancient temples, maybe? Well, for thousands of men from the USA, the answer is Sri Lanka women.
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Sri Lankan Mail Order Brides Are Here And They Are Waiting For You!

Sri Lanka is a popular tourist country, but its beautiful places and historic sites are not the main reason why Western men love it. The main reason is its beautiful women — they are great wives and mothers, they adapt easily to the new environments, and they are caring and supporting. If you are looking for a Sri Lankan woman, you’ve come to the right place — here you’ll find trustworthy international dating websites with the best ladies from this country. Our experts have collected the most secure Sri Lanka dating sites with real profiles, so try them right now and find your love today!

Last Updated: Jan 2020
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Are Sri lankan hot girls worth your attention? Why?

When you choose a future wife, there are several things you need to consider. Is this woman beautiful? Will she be a good mother and wife? Does she know how to keep the house clean/how to cook and does she have any problems with doing it? Is she respectful and caring? Will it be easy for her to adapt to the new environment? Here, we’ll answer all of these questions. Spoiler — Sri Lankan mail order brides make good wives, without any doubts. Let’s see why we are so sure about it!

Sri lankan mail order bride

Are they beautiful?

Yes, they definitely are. Dark hair, tanned skin, dark eyes, naturally fit bodies, and hourglass figures make Sri lankan mail order brides literally irresistible. It's all about the healthy lifestyles and diets — it's extremely difficult to find an obese woman in this country. What's more, the historical factors have influenced the appearance of modern Sri Lankan ladies as well — European sailors have mixed with locals for centuries, so now, Sri Lankan beauty is the mix of Indian and European beauties. It looks much better than it sounds — just take a look at these Sri lankan hot girls and you'll make sure we're telling the truth! Oh, and by the way, only the most beautiful ladies become mail order brides here, so you'll literally get the best of the best (in our subjective opinion).

Do Sri lankan mail order brides make good mothers and wives?

Yes. These women want to create strong families, that's one of the most important things in Sri Lanka. They want to find a loving man who'll be a great husband, so of course, they are ready for marriage. You won't hear anything like "I don't wanna get married, I'm too young for all this" from a Sri Lankan woman, that's a fact. They are also great mothers — because in traditionalist societies like in this country girls are always raised to be good moms and wives.

Do they have any problems with housekeeping?

No. Sri Lankan brides are good housewives. The reasons are simple: they clean and cook without any questions just because they were taught to. They believe that housekeeping is just another thing a good wife must do, so your future wife from Sri Lanka will do everything around the house without any problems. Sri lankan mail order brides can make every house more comfortable, and they are great cooks — if you haven't ever tried Sri Lankan food, you'll be surprised by these amazing curry recipes.

Sri lankan woman

Are they respectful and caring?

Of course they are! If you want to find a wife, who'll take care of you, you just can't ignore Sri Lankan hot girls. Their culture and traditions dictate Sri lankan mail order brides to take care of their husbands, whatever it takes. Sri lankan mail order brides respect men in general, and when it comes to their husbands, that's what we call "unconditional respect" — husband is the head of the family in this country, and it means that the wife must respect and support him without any questions. Choose a Sri Lankan woman and she'll support you whatever you do! She'll help you and she'll always stay by you, no matter what.

Do they adapt easily?

That's definitely not the first question the mail order brides seekers ask, but it's still extremely important. Imagine that your wife is cool and beautiful and whatever, but what's the point if she can't adapt to American society? Lucky you, Sri Lanka women don't have any problems with adaptation. They are very communicative, and it's great because of two reasons. At first, she'll easily make new friends in your country after the relocation. At last, she'll easily break the ice on the first date with you — so don't worry, there will be no awkward silence. Looks like Sri lankan mail order brides never run out of interesting stories and subjects to talk about. And, what's even more important, you won't be annoyed by their words — we don't actually know how to explain it, but these women are just really fun and interesting to talk to!

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Why Sri Lankan women become mail order brides?

Wondering what’s one of the most common questions Western men ask when they start looking for a mail bride? This question is: if these women are so gorgeous, why can’t they just find a husband in their own countries?

There is no general answer to this question. It always depends on the country. Thus, when it comes to Sri Lanka, the reasons are clear: sex ratio, economic situation, gender inequality, violence, and Western men themselves. Let’s talk about these five reasons in more details in order to make it clearer for you.

Sri Lankan ladies

Sex ratio

There are 96 men per 100 women in this country, which means there are literally not enough men here! A bloody conflict was fought out in this country from 1983 until 2009, and it took the lives of thousands of Sri Lankan men. Nowadays, women still outnumber men in Sri Lanka.

Economic situation

Despite the living standards are quite high in Sri Lanka, compared to some other South Asian countries, there are still lots of problems here. The salaries aren’t too high, and women aren’t allowed to do all the jobs in this country. But please, don't think that it means that you can buy a Sri Lankan bride — although this country isn't too rich, Sri lankan hot girls are still looking for real love, not for moneybags.

Gender inequality

Sri Lankan society is 100% patriarchal. On the one hand, it’s one of the reasons which make local women submissive, shy, and respectful. On the other hand, it’s a real disaster. The thing is, Sri lankan mail order brides have much less right in this country than men - females are discriminated, they don't have equal access to the job opportunities in Sri Lanka. Another example is the sex-selective abortions — parents just don't want to have daughters here! It makes sense that thousands of women want to flee.


Unfortunately, domestic and sexual abuse is still a huge problem in Sri Lanka. Street harassment, catcalling, sexual violence in public transport — sometimes, it becomes extremely difficult for a beautiful woman to live in this country. So of course, some of Sri lankan ladies want to leave Sri Lanka — and it makes sense that all the first-world countries look much better in this regard.

Western men

The last reason is that Sri lankan mail order brides just love Western guys. They think that these men are much kinder, more handsome, and more interesting — so basically, half of your job is already done. Just don’t disappoint Sri lankan mail order brides and you’ll definitely succeed!

Stereotypes about Sri Lankan brides

You’ve most likely heard some of the stereotypes about mail order brides. Like, some people believe that Sri lankan hot girls are uneducated and that the only thing they want is money. The others say that Asian women are beautiful but unloyal, or that the interfaith marriages are forbidden in some Asian countries.

All these stereotypes are 100% not true. Let’s talk about each of them — even if you haven’t heard any of them before, you’ll still find something interesting here.

Sri Lankan girls

No education

One of the most common stereotypes about the mail order brides from South and Southeast Asian countries is that they are not well-educated. The reality is that female education has improved over the last 20-30 years in Sri Lanka. This country has a high adult literacy rate (the highest in South Asia!), and the quality of higher education is very good here. What's even more important, women and girls have equal access to education in Sri Lanka. In fact, all the Sri Lankan mail order brides are well-educated and intelligent.


Another common myth is that lots of Sri Lankan hot girls are only looking for money. In very short words, that’s false — according to the statistics, the divorce rate is very low among interracial families (Western husbands and Sri Lankan wives). These beautiful Sri Lankan women are looking for love, they all want to find decent men who’ll respect them and treat them as they deserve. It’s definitely not about money — Sri Lankan mail order brides are really non-materialistic because of their culture, religion, traditions and living conditions. And of course, they are not gold-diggers — well, even if 1 of 1000 is, it doesn’t mean that they all can be called so. You don’t call American or Russian women gold-diggers because 0.01% of them put money to the first place, right?

No interfaith marriages

70% of this country are Buddhist, 12% are Hindu, almost 10% are Muslim, and only 7.4% are Christian. However, it doesn't mean that you can't date or marry Sri Lankan mail order brides. Single ladies don't have any problems with dating and marriage with a man of another religion. A Christian man can easily marry a Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian woman (obviously!), but if you want to date a Muslim girl, well, there might be certain issues. However, if you're Muslim, you won't have such problems. The only interfaith marriage prohibition is for Sinhala women (who are mostly Buddhists) who want to marry Muslim men (and vice versa). It's all about political problems and conflicts between these two religious group in Sri Lanka, so you don’t have to worry about it.


We were unpleasantly surprised when we heard that some men thought Sri Lankan mail order brides were not loyal to their husbands. What we can say is that it’s definitely not true. When you find a bride in Sri Lanka, you can be sure that she will never cheat on you — that’s how they are raised here, and that’s what their culture, religions, and traditions tell them. Sri lankan mail order brides always stand by their husbands’ sides, and they are 100% loyal to the men they love.

How to find a bride in Sri Lanka?

Do you want to find the most beautiful girl in Sri Lanka? Do you want to attract her and to marry her? Well, then follow these simple steps and you will get what you want!

  1. Create an account and add photos. We are sure you’ve already chosen the right website above — we have found trustworthy and safe sites with only real women, so you can skip the “find the right website” step. You’ll have to write something about yourself, your interests, and your relationship goals in your profile. It’s also necessary to add the best professional photos to attract the most beautiful ladies!
  2. Choose women and talk to them. Don’t choose one woman — the more the better works great at the very first stage. And don't forget about video chat — it’s the best thing you can do to make sure you’re talking to a real woman.
  3. Tell about yourself. But keep the balance — tell her about yourself, but don’t forget to ask about her interests.
  4. Be persistent. Sometimes, Sri Lankan hot girls act unapproachable — but that’s because they are focused on a long-term relationship, not because they don’t like you. If you’re persistent enough, you’ll succeed.
  5. Make compliments. It’s simple as that — all the women around the world love compliments. Plus, you won’t be blamed for sexual harassment for your compliments here!
  6. Don't discuss religion and war. These subjects are controversial (the first one) and sad (the second one), and as you probably know, controversial and sad subjects are not the best subjects to discuss on the first date.

What else to know about Sri Lanka women?

There are three more facts you should know if you want to find a bride in Sri Lanka. Here they are.


Of course, before you start dating Sri Lankan hot girls, you should make sure if you can actually speak with them. The language barrier is one of the most common reasons why men don't want to find abroad... But it isn't a problem at all when it comes to those who want to find a bride in Sri Lanka. The thing is, English is fluently spoken by every fourth person in this country. This percentage increases when we're talking about young, well-educated women — so don't worry about the language barrier anymore. Almost all of Sri Lankan hot girls who want to meet you can speak English fluently! Oh, and if your woman can't, it's not a problem. Some of the good Sri Lanka dating services offer interpreter service.


That’s another thing you have to know: the majority of Sri Lankan beauty girls have really big families. But don't worry — of course, your future wife won't tell you to support the whole family. However, since families are very important in this country, it's vital to show your respect for all the family members. Yes, you'll have a chance to meet all of them — it's a tradition in Sri Lanka, and it's impossible to get married without a parent's consent.

They are very similar to Indian women

Have you ever met Indian ladies? Well, Sri lankan mail order brides look very much like them (especially Sinhala women), but with softer faces and better figures. In short words: if you like Indian women, you will definitely not be disappointed in Sri Lanka!

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