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What Type Of Men Do Cambodian Women Like

What Type Of Men Do Cambodian Women Like?

Do you want to find a girlfriend from Cambodia but know nothing about what type of men they like? Continue reading, and find out all the details about what features and gestures these women like the most and how to act on a date to charm them!
calendar May 7, 2020

What Type Of Men Do Cambodian Women Like And How To Attract Them?

A Cambodian woman may be a mystery even for her closest friends. Obviously, this is impossible to build a serious relationship with a girl if you know nothing about Cambodian dating culture and traditional traits of Asian brides. Do you want to know some tips on how to charm a lady from Cambodia? Continue reading and find it out!

What do women from Cambodia appreciate?

Cambodian wives adore good-looking men

Some girls start to seek a Western partner because they just adore the Western type of men - we mean, their appearance and style, in particular. That’s why even a blazer, a v-neck tee shirt and a few matching accessories like your favorite watch will make a good impression on her. The way you look is your calling card - it shows your attitude to yourself. If you care about how you look and what impression you make, you must be a serious and attentive person. Cambodian brides just adore such type of men. 

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Almost all women like confident men who know how to get what they want. Cambodian girls are not an exception! We can recommend you to be relaxed and calm on a date, and even crack some jokes to help your lady to relax as well (as she will definitely feel a little nervous), you have all chances to win the heart of a Cambodian woman. 


A wedding is among the biggest dreams of Cambodian girls. Moreover, they tend to find serious relationships rather than flirt with foreigners. These women like traditional courting and they do prefer considerate and patient men who do not rush things. Of course, if you understand that your lady is completely ready for the next, more intimate step in your relationship - go ahead! But with these ladies, it is better to slow down rather than to be rash.

In addition to being polite and patient, we would recommend you to be sincere. If you are not going to marry your lady, please, tell this to her. She may understand you and you will live a long happy life without a wedding, and she will know that you are an honest and reliable man who will never lie to her. Even if she doesn't agree on the continuation of your relationship without marriage, let her go. You will find another Cambodian girl who will share your views on a relationship.

Attention and care

Cambodian women can seem to be really shy and discreet, but in reality, they are quite emotional and sensitive. Thus, it’s important to think twice before you say something - even irony and sarcasm may spoil the atmosphere. You don't have to limit yourself - express your thoughts the way you usually do, but, please, be attentive to her reactions: if you see that her smile disappears when you are joking at stereotypes about Cambodian ladies, stop having fun at this topic.

To express your feelings and show that you really care, get your lady flowers or a little present - for no reason. Your Cambodian girl will appreciate such gentleman gestures of yours.

Financial support

This does not mean that to win the heart of your Cambodian lady, you have to pay for her trips, clothes, food, and so on before you meet. But, you should understand that Cambodian girls prefer traditional roles in a relationship with a man as a breadwinner and a woman as a queen of the hearth. If you decide to date one of them, you should remember that she may want to become a housewife and care about the household chores, and thus she may need financial support. If you want another type of relationship, you should either discuss it with your potential wife or seek another lady to marry.

Final thoughts

Here should be said that all the above mentioned describes a traditional Cambodian bride and may have nothing in common with a lady you will fall for (or with the one you are already in love with.) However, we hope that the information we've provided here will help you at least to understand the way the majority of Cambodian women live and think.

To sum up, we can only repeat our recommendations: be polite, attentive, confident, and sincere with your Cambodian beauty. This will be easy if you are in love - you will not even have to make many efforts to build a healthy and happy relationship because you will be yourself and will enjoy the time you spend with your beloved one.